Be Fit & Healthy #ApneTareekeSeHealthy

Healthy, health, fit, strong, are some common word we quite hear often either by our family or friends, in media, books, and papers.We can see people have become more health conscious nowadays.If you get time to go out in early hours you can see a huge number of people go for walking around parks, roads and in beaches.The most common reason is their work.Many people works go for prolonged hours sitting at a desk or at a fixed place and hence they restrict their food steps.

Lauki Halwa | Bottle Gourd Halwa | Festive Sweet Recipe | Review of Preethi Turbo Chopper

Lauki Halwa | Bottle Gourd Halwa | Festive Sweet Recipe
Recently I had an invitation to attend the Blog -Jam meet conducted by Preethi Appliances.This was was my first met I attended personal and I had to leave the meet in midway due to a personal issue.I regret that I couldn't attend it fully as I learned that the second part was related to food photography which is much needed for a food blogger.I hope no further issues like this happens in future.

Pollution Free Home #ClearAirBeautifulHome

As the saying say ,” Home sweet Home” , “ East or west home is the best “, home is the best place and nothing can replace it.Whenever we go for holidays there will be sure inner thought in one’s  mind chanting as when shall we go to our house soon and relax.Home is the best place.But a big question is, Is our home is polluted free, as a recent survey shows that the air inside our home is five times polluted than outside air.

Yogurt Brownies | Eggless Brownies

Yogurt Brownies | Eggless Brownies

If you have any extra curd fresh or slightly sour try to use it in your cakes as it yields soft and fluffy bakes.As My birthday was this week I just want to make a simple cake.My daughter one day said he was longing to a have brownie, so I decided to make this for my day with easy avaliable ingredients in my kitchen pantry.

Idli Milagai Powder | Gun Powder | Side dish for Idli/Dosa | Video Recipe

Idli podi/gun powder comes as a saver when we are not in a mood to make any side dish for idli/dosa.It is unbeatable with some sesame oil.My kids are adherent lovers of this podi as they don't need any other side if this podi was there.I usually make this in a big batch and they stay fresh till last.The secret of it is dry roasting of the salt.If we do so this podi/powder won't spoil and till remain fresh.Do try this way and see.

Pidi Karunai Kilangu Kuzhambu | Kara Kuzhambu

Pidi karunai is a small variety of root vegetable which looks similar in appearance to yam / senna-Kilangu except the size.This pidi karaunai will be very small in size and will fit inside our palm, may be it got this name due to this.This kuzhambu is so easy to make only the time-consuming part is cooking of this kilangu other than that it can be prepared within few minutes.

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