Lamington Recipe | Australian Lamington Cake | Stey by Step Pictures

Lamington is an Australian cake, which is nothing but squares of vanilla cake coated with a layer of chocolate and rolled over desiccated coconut.With a bite, one can experience bursts of flavors like vanilla, chocolate & coconut.Here I have made a simple eggless sponge cake but you can make the basic cake with egg or eggless.I used the dark compound for the chocolate coating and store-bought desiccated coconut.

Raw Banana Fry | Vazhakai Roast | Video Recipe

Raw Banana/Vazhakai is one vegetable that mostly takes the form of this roast in my kitchen.At times when lemon rice was on the menu, I sometimes pair it up with this roast which makes a perfect combo.This is not a deep fried version just with a tbsp of oil you can make this roast.

Squid / Kanavaa Masala | Squid Recipes | Video Recipe

If you are a seafood lover then I am sure you will love this spicy squid masala too.The main thing involved the cleaning of the squids, please clean it well remove all dark tint and bone inside.If you didn't clean it well it may cause stomach upset.

Aappam | Appam without Coconut,Yeast or Cooked Rice | Video Recipe

I already have an aapam recipe in blog which include adding coconut, cooked rice to it.Recently I found an super easy method of making aappam which doesnot need these two.First I was bit hestiated to try it and tried a day which came out perfect.I shared a picture on my instagram but init I used yeast later I thought to try the same without yeast.When that too came perfect I decided to share and document it in my page.

Eggless Checker Board Cookies | Step by Step Pictures

Checkerboard cookies with step by step pictures. Another cookie I baked along with my glass stained cookies is this checkerboard cookies.This I made with eggless while the glass stained one was with egg.

Glass Stained Cookies | Christmas Cookies

Glass stained cookies with step by step pictures.These are so-called because of the glass finished look in the centre of it.The glass effect is by the hard coloured candies which melt in the oven and give the effect as it cools.
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