Murungai Keerai/ Moringa /Drumstick Leaves Thoran | Healthy Side Dish for Rice

Murungai Keerai/ Moringa /Drunstick Leaves Thoran | Healthy Side Dish for Rice

Murungai Keerai also known as moringa is one healthy green available loaded with iron.The first food most physician would recommend for an anemic patient would be this green.Most houses have this wonder green tree in their backyard.Only the leaf separating part from the stalk is a bit time-consuming.To do that job easier just keep this green in a  poly bag in the fridge overnight.Next morning all the leaves would have fallen from the stick.Collect the leaves and make dishes with it.

Vegetable Toast | Vegetable Masala Bread Toast | Easy Breakfast Recipe

Vegetable Toast | Vegetable Masala Bread Toast | Easy Breakfast Recipe

When its weekend or day post festivalwe all feel lazy to get up and do our daily chores.Doing breakfast becomes a tough job as we get curled up under the bedsheet and not willing to get up.In that times if you have a packet of bread in your pantry, breakfast doesn't seem a tough job.With just few minutes you can prepare this yummy and healthy dish with lots of vegetables.Use vegetables of your choice.

Boondhi Ladoo - My 300th post | Festive Sweet Recipe | Diwali Sweet

boondi ladoo

I am so happy to write my 300th post today.It had been one year and five months since i started to blog  and it journey  gained me  some good friends from all round the world.Your comments,suggestions,etc were like energy boosters for me and helped me to go on.Do continue to support me and since  its a special day lets celebrate it with a sweet as no occasion or festival are complete with out a sweet.

My story about Old Gadget Cashout

Gadgets have become as an inseparable thing in our life nowadays.One cannot imagine a day without this.Each and every one is some what related to this gadgets in some way.Let me share my experiences with it.

Diwali Cleanup For Gadgets with Cashify #CleanUpCashOut

The following story is my total imagination and in no intention to hurt anybody.

Two good friends by name Rita and Seetha lived in a huge town which is near to a big metropolitan city.These two studied in grade sixth in one of the good school in their town.Although their town is not less than a city in means of infrastructure these two little girls wish were to go to the city nearby and enjoy a day there.To have fun they need a handsome amount which they find it difficult to save or find.These two little girls saved each penny their parents gave as a gift or an exchange, but the sum was that much not enough to enjoy their fun outing for a day the in the city.

Dry Gulab Jamun | Easy Diwali Sweet

Dry Gulab Jamun | Easy Diwali Sweet

Dry gulab jamun is nothing but the ordinary gulab jamun served dried without the sugar syrup.We have mostly seen this dessert served with syrup and mostly everyone prefer that liquidy jamun.In a cooking show, they telecasted this jamun recipe and I decided to make for this year Diwali cooking.On searching, I found the gulab jamun can be either roll over desiccated coconut or sugar but in television, they said to roll over sugar.So whatever you prefer to go for it.
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