My travel experience to Yelagiri


I am a person who loves to travel lot and every year i demand my hubby to take us for a holiday.Its is usually good to out to get relax from city busy life,tension,traffic,etc,etc.Last year it was to Yelagiri,a hill station very near to Chennai city.For people who wish to refresh and take a break from routine work then i would suggest this place.Not much attraction there yet one can relax more.

Just three hours travel from Chennai one could reach there.We went by train,dropped at jolarpettai station which is the nearest junction to it.From there many buses,private auto rickshaws are available.
Our journey on the mountains started by an auto rickshaw in which we have to pass 14 hair pin bends which was a amazing experience.As crossing the bends the climate slowly begins to change surrounded by a green  natural smell which we totally loved it.It nearly took an hour to reach as the driver drove slowly making room for  others while we enjoyed the lush green valley and beautiful sightings.

It is a small hill station clean  and full of green valleys.Not much amazing thing there it is famous for jack fruits  and honey.we can see vendors selling different variety of fruits (some variety found only there) and it was very cheap too.Stickied by the smell of the jack fruits when entered the boat house area.Well maintained  boats with full safety we enjoyed the boating.

Kids were over excited as parents we paddled the boat and natural aroma filled our mind and boosted our energy.The park had few play rides for kids we too had fun in it.Opposite to the boar house area is the park by name" Nature Park".Since we landed in the evening couldn't cover more area there as the name says its purely natural.The park has a musical fountain shows at night  in which  water dance for the music notes.


Some more attractions are bamboo house,water cascade,poly house and an aquarium.

Since it was misty and chill we plan to start a little bit late for adventurous trekking.I still can't believe how i completed that long journey which has  many rough rocks .On my journey i could still smell the nature aroma all filled in .With tough 3 hours journey we reached the top to enjoy the down view.

At the end of the day due to hectic trekking i had leg pain and got medicated but each moments till lingering in me.Such an aromatic natural travel experience was it.

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