LG Nexus 5X features | My entry for #ChampIsBack activity

In today’s fast-paced life Internet makes the base for all our activities lined up in a day ,whether transferring,funding ,shopping ,etc Internet has become mandatory.Each and everyone have a gadget to peek into the virtual world as on move.Smart phones is the main device which is used mostly by all to do all we based works nowadays since it's so simple and easy  to carry on.
When it comes to phone there available a widest range of mobiles to choose from size,colour,range,features,etc.Really one gets confused to select the good one between them because each of it stand distinct at one feature.But the case is not the same with  LG Nexus 5X .

The three catchy features which attracted me more are:

Amazing look and security:

With its sleek,light -weight and pleasant mesmerising colour hooked me first.With  display of 5.2 inch with snapdragon 808 processor and world class performance at an affordable price easily fascinates all.

Nexus comes with a fingerprint sensor at the back of the device the way one normally hold.The Nexis imprints turns on the screen with one touch and  unlocks apps easily and quickly.the imprint gets smarter and smarter  with every touch.

Camera & charger:

It's a selfie mania every where ,we can see all clicking or posing for it and  for this a good picture capturing phone is needed.Nexus 5X comes with a 1.55-micrometre pixels camera which helps to capture sharp and clear images even in dull lighting.

In charging also a new standard is obtained.With a reversible USB Type-C charger ,the charging of battery is very fast which means with ten minutes of charging one can use it for seven hours, isn't it a wow factor.

New operating system | Android Marshmallow:

With this marshmallow android OS receiving updates of security and software is fastest and we will be the first to use the freshest version of it.With a simple tap we get cards and details about it.Doze automatically put the device in sleep state when it is rest. and App Standby limits their impact on battery life so your charge lasts longer which are some features of this android marshmallow.

This new LG Nexus 5X  Champ which was  in 2012 is  back more attractive features.

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