M&M or Gems Gravity Cake Tutorial | Step by Step Pictures| How to make a simple gravity cake

 First let me clear you all that I 'm not an expert just an amateur in baking and this tutorial may be silly for some but for me its precious.It makes me feel owe as I did something new and  I want do want to keep chronicles of my work here and hence the post.Its like a post from a beginner to all beginners.Every year for me kids birthday I want to try a new cake method after I step into this blogging world, which I have successfully past two years.In 2013, I made a funfetti cake and 2014 I tried fondant cake for my son.When September starts my plan to bake also starts and this year I tried this gravity cake seeing many youtube videos.Though it's not perfect :D my son really liked it to the core which is the best compliment than any other.

Cake-1 ( I used chocolate cake)
KitKat-around 7 packets (4 pieces pack)
Chocolate ganache (click here for recipe)
chocolate bar
butter paper
gems or M&M- 4 to 5 packets
cake board.


1.Bake your favourite flavoured cake.here I made an eggless chocolate cake.Cool it well and de mould from the pan.
2.To the cake board spread little ganache and place the cake in it.Place butter paper on sides as collect the splitting of ganache while applying.

3.Frost the cake with ganache and stick the KitKat on its sides.

The KitKat will stick well but for the cake to look attractive we can tie a ribbon around it.

4.Melt some chocolate in microwave and apply it to one side of the straw.Press an empty gems packet in it for some time.and insert into the straw into the frosted cake.(I used a small straw ,don't follow me [-Xin it use big one ).

5.The melted chocolate acts like a concrete to hold things added to it when wet.So when the chocolate is in melted stage apply all over the straw and stick gems in it.( if the chocolate dries up melt it again).Roughly drop some gems here and there near the straw for the flow effect.Remove the butter paper we placed outside the cake.Keep the cake in fridge for some time so that everything gets stuck well.;;)
Birthday boy cutting the cake with his sister <:-P

Your gravity cake is ready for party

Inner view 

Its  just an idea of gravity cake, if you are creative make variations in it.


1.If you don't have micro wave use double boiling method to melt chocolate.


  1. nice effort dear looks beautiful and delicious

  2. Superb dear....looks very delicious..M sure he was happy

  3. looks good, am sure your son must have loved it.

  4. Looks very nice dear... I am sure the kids must have loved it...


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