Summer special

About me


i am babitha  from chennai.I have two children,elder one 12 year daughter & younger is 4 year son.My husband  is working abroad.

My daughter likes different varieties in food.I use to search for her & try out new.Her comments encourage me more & make me try new dishes..I started this blog mainly to keep a record of my cooking. My native is kanyakumari & i am from a sea side village there.We mostly prepare sea foods daily for our food.
But my kids rarely fishes  So i try veggies  but for my husband a non-veg  is a must in daily food.

I must say about baking.I love to bake cake ,cookies,etc.Just now i have started to learn it.Hope will bake cakes well in future.

The recipe i posted here are some i learnt from my mother,MIL,relatives and from other blogs.

I am new to blogging hope will know all about it in near future.



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