Priandai Thuvaiyal/ chutney - 2 Types | Adamant Creeper Chutney

Priandai Thuvaiyal/ chutney - 2 Types | Adamant Creeper Chutney

Pirandai thogayal with step by step pictures.

After posting sweet dishes for Diwali here I am with a healthy thogayal which can be mixed up with rice or can be served for idli/dosa. If using for idli/dosa slightly make it dilute with some water.Here I have posted two types of making it in which one is with coconut and the other without. For one without coconut I sourced it from here and for other, I tried my own version.

Ragi Halwa | Finger Millet Halwa

Ragi Halwa | Finger Millet Halwa

Ragi/finger millet halwa with step by step pictures.

This is my last millet recipe for this Diwali. As promised I tried few of it and I hope I try furthermore in the near future. This ragi halwa I prepared by soaking, grinding, extracting the milk and mixing. It is quite a lengthy process and worth trying it. I followed my wheat halwa method except that I omitted the caramelization step. Also in this halwa, I have replaced white sugar with pure cane sugar.

Ragi Murukku | Finger Millet chakli

Ragi Murukku | Finger Millet chakli

Ragi murukku with step by step pictures.

Another millet recipe to add to my collection. As I promised in my thinnai adhirasam post, as I"m going to try millet recipes for this Diwali, I am here with the deep-fried snack. Though it s deep fried recipe considering the addition of millet I mention it healthy when compared to other rice flour snacks. Here for binding, I have used besan/kadalai mavoo, but you can also use potukadalai flour.

Motichoor ladoo | How to make motichoor ladoo

Motichoor ladoo with step by step picture.

Motichoor ladoo are made with very fine shaped boondhi, fried and soaked up in sugar syrup. Unlike boondhi ladoo here the boondhis are very fine. To make it very fine here a specially perforated ladle is used. I bought this ladle last year and tried this ladoo. But I didn't get fine balls hence didn't blog about it. This time I gathered tips from many pages and I some what made smaller ones from my previous batch. The trick is while making boondhi after pouring the batter over the ladle immediately have to tap/bang over a weight so that the boondhi falls in tiny forms in the hot oil. Don't worry if you didn't get smaller boondhi, get give a coarse grind in a mixer and make ladoo.

Thinnai Adhirasam | Foxtail Millet Jaggery Sweet | Diwali Sweet

Thinnai adhirasam with step by step pictures.

For this year Diwali recipe, I have decided to try some sweet and savories with millets. Let me see how for it goes smoothly and How many recipes I try. To begin with, I tried this adhirasam with thinnai arisi. I am a big fan of this adhirasam and hence I tried this first. Making this millet adhirasam is same as regular adhirasam only with the difference in millet in the place of rice. All the other procedure remains the same. I added more syrup into the flour. So the next day I couldn't make balls correctly. I resolved it by adding some wheat flour. So be careful not to add all the jaggery syrup.

Pirandai Idli/ Dosa | Adamant Creepers Idli | Healthy Recipe

Priandai Idli/dosa recipe with step by step pictures.

Pirandai is known as “Adamant Creeper” or “Veldt Grape” or “Devil’s Backbone” in English.  It has many health benefits and the one which I read in one of my facebook group is it helps to prevent osteoporosis. It is the best medicine for it, so people suffering from this disorder consume this easy herb at least once a week.
To say the truth I haven't seen or eaten it before or after marriage. The only place I saw it during our Xmas vacation last year in my FIL's coconut yard. It was seen in abundant there and thought to take some while returning Chennai. But I didn't take.