Quinoa Murukku | Quinoa Flour Chakli | Healthy Snack

Quinoa Murukku | Quinoa Flour Chakli | Healthy Snack

Quinoa murukku with step by step picture.

Healthy muruku / chakli with quinoa flour, rice flour and roasted dal ( potukadalai) flour.I bought this quinoa flour along with my whole grain quinoa from Amazon.I tried quinoa curd rice with the grain but this flour was just sitting in my pantry waiting to get noticed.Though I made pancakes with it a day I didn't click to write about it.So this murukku makes the first recipe to blog about it.Hope I will try more recipe with this flour and blog about it.

Chana Masala | Restaurant Type Chole Masala

Chana Masala | Restaurant Type Chole Masala

Chana Masala with step by step picture.

Whenever I make Poori/puri for breakfast my daughter always prefer this chole masala.So during weekends, I make sure that I soak channa the previous night for this. This masala is the best combo for poori, appam, chapatti and can even have it with rice.

Beef Mappas | Beef Cooked in Coconut Milk

beef mappas

Beef is a meat which i prepare more often after chicken while mutton is least preferred in my house.This recipe when i saw it here want to try it & it was a super doper hit.Do give a try once & i"m damn sure you will make it again and again.I usually buy  a  tender variety of beef (veal) which is very soft meat type compared to beef.

Sweet Corn Sundal | Easy Snack Recipe

Sweet corn sundal with step by step pictures.

Sweet corn in one of the maize variety which is loved by all people.It is plucked before they are matured as maturation involves conversion of sugar to starch so as to  be eaten as vegetable rather than a grain.It is said cooked corn has anti-cancer properties to try to include it in your diet.Due to the sweet taste it is  a great hit among young ones.By adding salt & spice one can just eat the boiled corn or without spice.In this i have just tempered and added coconut for more flavor.

Barnyard millet/Kuthirivalli Vegetable Khichadi | Millet Recipe

barnyard millet khichadi

As we all know the goodness of millets and many have started using it regularly .I have tried all millets variety and made many recipes,you can check in recipe index.mostly i make pongal with millets and i want to try khichadi with it and tried a day.Healthy and tasty food recipe in just 10mins.

Pidi Karunai Roast


Pidi karunai roast with step by step picture and video.

Pidi karunai roast/ pidi karunai tawa fry is a simple side for rice This can be easily made. The only time consuming part is cooking of the vegetable.Here I cooked in open pot method. But you can even pressure cook.In that case don't overcook just 1-2 whistle will be more than enough.This side dish is a good pair for any gravy/kuzhambu and hot steaming rice. You can also make seppakilangu in the same way.