Coffee Ice Cream | No Churn Method | Easy Ice Cream Recipe

Last week my son ask for some homemade ice cream at once I  decided to make this coffee ice cream which was in my do to list for a long.Another reason was that I was left with tetra pack of cream which was nearing expiry date so with no second thought I made this.I simple used my eggless mango ice cream recipe method for this.

2 ingredients mango ice cream | Easy homemade ice cream


2 ingredients ice cream with step by step pictures.

As mango is the king among fruits and  we have wait for summer to taste this yummylicious yellow fruit.  Some prefer to eat it as fruit and some make different dishes and indulge in it. I already have an ice cream recipe with mango, you can check it here. Another 2ingredients ice cream in my blog is strawberry ice cream. I have used the same method here.

Spinach Buns | Masala Palak Pav | Healthy Pav/Bun

Spinach Buns | Masala Palak Pav | Healthy Bun

Masala Spinach pav/buns with step by step pictures.

Spinach is a healthy green which is used widely everywhere. We can make a variety of dishes with this healthy green, together with dal or just stir fry or in salad and many more. Add its puree to make Indian flatbread varieties is also a way of including it. Here I have used the puree to make buns/pav. Adding other spices to it make this pav and an excellent snack or a dinner roll.

Gulkand/ Rose petal jam Iced Tea | Summer Drink

Gulkand Iced tea

I know this is not the right time to post  summer drink since i prepared it i want to share it with you.First i thought how it would be but it tasted too good with that gulkand.I used my homemade one you can go for ready made also.

Mutton Curry | Easy Mutton Curry | Bachelor's Recipe

Mutton Curry | Easy Mutton Curry | Bachelor's Recipe

Mutton curry/kuzhambu with step by step pictures.

Easy mutton curry with step by step pictures.Mutton curry with coconut is one easy recipe which needed very less time.This is more versatile as it can be used many like rice, any fried rice, aappam, idiyappam, bread or any Indian flatbread.
Here I have used coconut to get some volume for the gravy but you can avoid it.

Rosemilk with sabja seeds | Roohafaza with sweet basil seeds | Summer drink

Refreshing summer drink with roohafza,chilled milk and sweet basil seeds.Sabja seed is  also known as sweet basil seed  which instantly reduces the body heat.So during summer try to use this seeds in most drink .Just add little seeds in water and leave for few minutes you will see the seeds bloom well absorbing the water and become jelly-like substance.