Eggless chocolate cake in pressure cooker

1.all purpose flour- 1cup
2.cocoa powder-2tbsp
3.oil-1/2 cup
4.milk-1/2 cup
5.vanilla essence-1 tsp
6.baking powder,soda-1 tbsp
7.walnut- little(toppings)
8;powdered sugar-3/4 cup
sieve flour,cocoa,baking soda,powder twice and keep aside.
Beat powdered sugar and oil well till it become somewhat fluffy.
then to it add mixed powder little by little,if it become thick add little milk.
then add essence..pour it in a greased baking tin.
sprinkle some walnut on top.
pre heat ur oven at 180 deg.bake for 30 min or till it is done.
I baked it in some sand inside cooker then place the cooker plate on the sand.over it place ur baking vessel and close the cooker need to put gasket r whistle.test inserting a stick through the hole.if it come non sticky cake is after 10 min.
Your cake is ready

Rice kheer/Payasam


This kheer is very easy to make.If you would to fulfill your immediate sweet carve then this one comes in handy.

Milk powder gulab jamun


Milk powder gulab jamoon.

1.milk powder-1 cup
2.maida- 1/4 cup

sugar syrup:

1.sugar-1 cup
2.water 1 cup
3.Cinnamon powder-little.


Mix maida and milk powder  with water gently .
Make small balls of it.
Fry these balls in oil in small flame and keep it aside.
Prepare sugar syrup with sugar &water.
Add elachi powder.
Then put the fried balls into it.

Its ready.

Fish curry | Fish Recipe

This curry is made without coconut.


fish-250g(cut to pieces)
shallots(small onion)-12 to 15
garlic-10 pieces
tomato-1 big
red chilli powder-1&1/2 tbsp
coriander powder-1 tbsp
turmeric pwder-1 tps\
tamarind -lemon size
curry leaf


soak tamarind in water and make juice of it and keep;

pour little oil in kadai,fry onion,tomato and it and grind to paste.

In another pan pour some oil,add mustard,fenugreek,curry leaf,the ground paste.saute for some time a then add all pwdrs and tamarind juice,when it start to boil add the fish,cook it it is done.

tasty fish curry is rdy.