Restaurant style coconut chutney

Coconut chutney is one common side dish we often make.The combination of idli or dosa with chutney & sambar can't  be expressed in words.If you don't prefer raw flavor of garlic then add ginger in it.


Oats pongal/Kichadi

Oats pongal

Oats as all know is rich in fibre and very good for health,i no need to write about the benefits of it.Apart for porridge we can make many dishes with it think many know it,but i want then all in my blog so included.

Golden yellow cake (eggless&butterless)

I like to bake cakes very much & i am trying it.Some came good  while other didn't.I just have a micro oven which don't support baking,so i use my stove top oven (cooker)for baking.

Lady' finger/Okra/Vendaikai side dish

We all make different side dish everyday for rice,this is one such and it goes well with any gravy,sambar.It taste good too.Try it.Its very easy to make.

Sweet potato Masiyal with coconut | Side dish for rice

sweet potato
As we all know sweet potato is cooked as eaten as evening snack.when i browse i saw it can be made to kootu .I tried it & it was nice,so I post it here.

Sweet flour/healthy flour

Have you all had of this flour,in our side we use to make this & give for kids,its very healthy.We use call this as" cheenee maavoo".Think this may be new to you all.Try it.

Pepper Rasam

All lunch menus end with rasam.It acts as a digesting agent to our heavy food.Some people drink a cup of it after meals.

Mixed vegetable- Aviyal (kerala style)

I like aviyal more because it has all vegetables & it taste good.Mostly in our side if veg is the menu for marriages they use to keep this.Good combination with rasam or any sambar.Try it & you too will like the most.

Capsicum& peas rice

This rice is very easy to make.You can make it either in basmathi rice or left over rice.You can use all three colours in capsicum,bit here i have used only two.

Cluster Beans/Kothavarangai thoran

Cluster beans / kothavarai is one vegetable which  has more iron content ,good for health & taste good too.Hope you all will try this.

Mixed vegetable kurumaa( without coconut)

This kuruma i often make for aapam,its a super combination with that.We can also use it for chappathi.Its very easy to make.

Tomato- Onion chutney

Simple , easy and quite onion tomato chutney that goes well with dosa, idli, adai, paniyaram and even chapathi. Each one has their own version of making it.It quite simple just sauteeing and grinding it finely. You can use any dal variety like urad dal, channa dal or toor dal.

Seppankizhangu fry ( not deep fry)

seppankizhangu fry
Hope all are familiar with this.Its a good side with rice.

Baby corn pulao

1.Basmathi rice- 1 cup
2.water- 2 cup corn- 5 to 6
4.ghee- 2 tsp
5.oil- 2 tsp
6.cashew- 2 tsp
7.garam masala- 1 tsp
8.salt to taste


1.Wash rice & soak for 30 min.cit baby corn.

2.Roast cashew in ghee& keep aside.

3.In the same kadai add remaining ghee & oil.add baby corn and saute little.then add garam masala& salt.

4.Add 2 cup water ,close kadai & bring to boil.

5.When it starts to boil,add the drained rice&close. about 5 -8 min it will be three forth cooked.Open & see.Then place  a dosa tawa on the flame& on above that u keep ur rice kadai(with lid)to cook for remaining( this is what called dhumm).

7.check every 3 min.,it will be ready soon.

U may also add mint r coriander's leaf if u prefer.


Theeyal | Vegetable Theeyal

Theeyal | Vegetable Theeyal

Theeyal is gravy prepared with well-roasted coconut with spices, tamarind juice and any or mix of vegetables. Any vegetables can be used but the best would be brinjal, yam and drumstick.
My mother is a great cook, who lives in our soul is a great expert in making this theeyal and especially she loves to make it when we are planning for a picnic. On those days very very early in the morning she would get up & with nobody's help, she alone would do all.I think as a daughter I have done something similar to it, but nothing matches my mum's taste.

Vegetable noodles

We all love to have this noddles for dinner as its more colourful with lots of veggies.My kids love them.

Potato curry

This is one dish which goes well with poori and chapathi.Can  also be had as side dish for rice too.

Chocolate cake with chocolate icing using pressure cooker

Dry ginger kaapi/chukku kaapee


karupatti/palm jaggery - 1/2 to 1 piece
coriander seeds-1 tsp
black pepper- 1tsp
Chukku/dry ginger- 1 big piece


1.Blend black pepper,coriander seeds,chukku in mixie to a coarse.

2.Boil water in a sauce pan,add karupatti and the blend mix to it .don't add more karupatti.
the spice level only should be high.

3.Let it boil well.Filter it.

4.kappee is is good for all throat infection & refresher  in rainy reason.

Biscuit pudding


1.Marie biscuit
2.butter- 2 to 3 tbsp
3.sugar- as per taste
4.cocoa pwdr- 2 tsp powder-1 tsp


In a bowl mix milk with coffee pwdr and dip each biscut&keep.

In another bowl mix butter with sugar,cocoa pwdr.

Arrange one biscut ,on top spread the mix,then place another biscut & repeat so on a plate.

Keep in fridge for some time & serve.


u can use condensed milk and cocoa as a   spread mixture.

Masala peanuts


2.chilli powder
3.garam masala
5.olive oil.
6.rice flour.


This is very easy to make.

Take a microwavble bowl.Put all the ingrediands into it.

Mix well.Keep in microwave oven for 3 min.

after every 1 min  take out and mix well,mixing is important.

After 2.5 min keep an eye on it.Sometimes it may be rdy.

Your masala peanut is ready.

Chicken curry( without coconut)


1.chicken -1/2 kg(without skin cut into small pieces)
2.onion-3 medium
4.ginger garlic paste-2 tsp
5.kashmiri chilli pwdr-1to 2 tsp(r acc to ur spice level)
6.coriander pwdr-2 tsp
7.garam masala-1tsp
8.turmeric pwdr- 1 tsp
9.salt to taste.
10.oil-2 tsp(i use olive oil for all non veg)
coriander leaf- to garnish


1.clean chicken well.cut onion & tomato. a kadai pour oil, followed by onion saute till color change,add ginger garlic paste.then add ur chicken for saute for a while.

3.then add all ur powders ,salt and mix,add tomato and saute well.then add little water and cover with lid.

4.when its cooked oil separate on the flame & garnish with coriander leaf..

Samba Goothumai/wheat sooji payasam/kheer

This is also one of the easiest kheer.I always like to munch or drink something sweet after lunch.So I use to make any sweet for it.Try this.

Little gourd /koovakai fry(not deep fry)


little gourd/koovakai- 200 gm
turmeric powdr- 1 tsp
chille powder-1 r 2 tsp(acc. to ur spice level)
cumin/jeera pwdr- 1 tsp.
salt to taste


Wash little gourd well and cut into round shapes.

mix all the ingrediants to it except oil.

In a pan pour 2 r 3 tsp oil,when it get heated put the little gourd and saute about 5-7 min ur sidh is rdy.

Very apt of lunch box.

Ridge Gourd/Peerkangai with channa dal


1.Ridge gourd/peerkangai
2.channa dal-3-4 tbsp
3.onion-1 chilli-1 or acc. to ur spice level
5.garlic pods-2

To temper
cumin seed
curry leaves


1.peel the skin of ridge gourd and cut in to small pieces.

2.cook channa dal with some water untill half cooked.drain excess water

3.Heat a kadai,all things under temper,followed by onion,garlic,chilli & saute.

4.then add ridge gourd& cooked channa dal.don't add water.cook till done.

5.add salt& mix,serve as  accomplishment with rice.

Methu vadai | Urad dal Vada

Methu/ Urad dal vada with step by step pictures.

Methu vada is one of the famous street food in south India. You can find this vada is all hotels, tea shops and eat outs. It tastes delicious when served hot with sambar and chutney. Pongal with this methu vada is an unbeatable combo.
 Let us see how to make this.

Poori with potato curry


1.wheat flour
2.salt-1 tsp
3.oil to fry.


mix salt into the wheat flour well.then add water little by little and make a soft end add little oil to dough and keep covered for 1 hrs.
In a platform take a small portion& spread with the roti maker.
if u wish to get perfect circle cut using a lid of a vessel else make roll small circles with it.

heat oil in pan & fry ur poori on both side.

the best side dish is potato curry.


tomato small
green chilli
ginger garlic paste- 1tsp
fennel seed-little
mustard to temper
coriander leaf,oil,turmeric pwdr-little.


boil potato,remove the skin  and smash well
in a kadai add oil,followed by mustard,fennel seed, onion,ginger garlic paste,tomato.saute little then add smashed potato.
Then add little turmeric,salt & sprinkle some water and cook.
ur potato curry is ready.

Easy evening snack with sooji

The things needed for this is very simple and it is sure in all house.


sooji/rava- 1cup
sugar to taste
oil to fry


Mix sooji with sugar.add little water and make a dough equivalent to that of vadai's.

heat oil,make small ball ,press between palm and fry it.

Your evening snack is ready.hope u will try.

Aappam without yeast( with a small video)

Apart from  idli / dosai ,appam takes third place in the order of our breakfast.We can have it with any spicy veg or non-veg curry or simply with  sweetened coconut milk.

Horsegram dosai/ idli

Horsegram dosai/ idli

Horsegram is a grain which is very healthy. For people who want to reduce weight consume this grain more often. It makes you filling with its fiber content and gives more power. It is fed to horse and I don't need to say its strength. This recipe I tried from dishesfrommykitchen. it came out well. Here I have not used urad dal as the original recipe didn't/ But I will try with dal and post later if I do.

Urad dal porridge/Uzlluntha kangee


1.urad dall with black skin-1/2 cup
2.rice- 1/2 cup
3.moong dal-2 tbsp
4.fenugreek-1 tsp
5 garlic- 1 full one
6.salt to taste


Peel the skin of all garlic.
wash all the thing well and cook in pressure cooker with 3 cup water for 4-5 ,if it smash well  pour hot water to the required thickness u need.put salt for ur taste.
ur kanchee is ready.serve with thoviyal


dry roast 2 red chilli with coconut,2 garlic pods,curry leaf.grind to coarse with little tamarind and salt.

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