Aappam without yeast( with a small video)

Apart from  idli / dosai ,appam takes third place in the order of our breakfast.We can have it with any spicy veg or non-veg curry or simply with  sweetened coconut milk.


1.raw rice-2 cup
2.boiled rice-1 cup
3.coconut- 1/2 cup,grated. or little more
4.salt-1 tsp
5.baking soda- 1-2 tsp
6.Sugar-1 tsp


1.soak both rice  together for 3 hrs.

2.grind it to a fine paste with coconut in mixer ,in small portions.

3.mix salt&baking soda with it and let it ferment overnight.

4.just before 1hrs of making aapam add 1tsp sugar and mix well.if its thick dilute with water.the batter must have foamy appearance on top.if not add little baking soda&mix.
your aapam batter ready.

5.use aapam kadai and make it.

serve with vegetable kurma or if u prefer with chicken/mutton curry.

Updated on 29/11/2013

Let see the pictorial

Ground Batter

Fermented batter

See the consistency and can u spot out foams there and here

Pour  a ladle of  batter and swirl it like this and close it to cook

all done

Short video about how i make aapam


1.Instead of boiled rice you can use even any left over cooked rice.

2.Always grind the aappam batter in mixie/mixer.


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