Easy sambar


1.Toor dal- 1 cup( u can also use moong dal)
2.onion-1 big or (small onions -1/2 cup)
4.veggies-bringal,carrot,beans potato- 1 cup or any one vegetable as such.
5.turmeric pwdr- 1 tsp
6.sambar pwdr- 2 tsp(if u don't have u can use chilli pwdr 2 tsp& coriander pwdr 2 tsp)
7.Asafoetida- 1 medium piece

8.oil- 2 tsp
9.salt to taste
9.ghee - 1 tsp
10.garlic pods-3 to 5
11.tarmarind- little

oil,mustard,curry leaf,coriander leaf.


1.wash toor dal well put inside a cooker and add 2 cup water.

2.cut all veggies  add to it.

3.cut onion& toamato and add to it.pell garlic pods and add also asafoetida to it.

4.for the dal to cook well add a tsp of oil to it.

5.after all things r added close the lid 7 place the whistle after steam comes.

6.keep for 5 r 6 whistle( i keep for 10 mins).

7.soak tamarind in water & take juice.( some don't use this)

8.after the steam is released open cooker and add all pwdrs,salt  to it & mix.

9.check for spice,salt add accordingly.

10.keep cooker in flame ( don't put lid) & bring to boil. the flame when it become little thick.

12.then keep a kadai & add all in temper except coriander leafy,when all splutters add it to the sambar .garnish with coriander leaf,

13.Lastly add a spoon ghee to it.

ur sambar is ready.can be had with idle/dosai,rice

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