Horsegram dosai/ idli

Horsegram dosai/ idli

Horsegram is a grain which is very healthy. For people who want to reduce weight consume this grain more often. It makes you filling with its fiber content and gives more power. It is fed to horse and I don't need to say its strength. This recipe I tried from dishesfrommykitchen. it came out well. Here I have not used urad dal as the original recipe didn't/ But I will try with dal and post later if I do.

Preparation time: 6 hours( including soaking time)
Fermenting time: 8 hours
Cooking time: 10mins
Recipe type: breakfast
Cuisine: Indian
Author: babitha


horsegram-1/2 cup
idli rice-2 cup


  • check for stones in horsegram and soak overnight or more than 6 hrs.
  • soak rice for 3 hrs.grind seperately.
  • horsegram will come fluffy like urad dal.
  • mix both with salt and let it fermant overnight.
  • your batter is ready.

Make dosai and idli as usual.

have it with ur favorite sambar or chutney. we had it with was delicious.
Horsegram is good for health,it reduce cholesterol,for weight loss it is good.

Horsegram dosai/ idli

we can make sundal,rasam too with it.will post it later

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