Vegetable noodles

We all love to have this noddles for dinner as its more colourful with lots of veggies.My kids love them.


1.plain noodles- 1 packet
2.veggies of ur choice( u can use beans,carrot,peas,capsicum,cabbage)- 1 cup
4.ginger garlic paste- 1 tsp
5.garam masala- 1 to 2 tsp
6.soya sauce- 1 tsp(if u like,i didn't use)
8.oil-2 tsp(i used olive oil)
9.pepper- 2 tsp


1.Boil water well.Add noodles to it and stir well fro 5 min.then add little refined oil & drain all water.
keep the drained noodles under running water for a while.

2.cut all ur vegetables& onion.

3.Heat a pan, add olive oil,onion& saute,then add ginger garlic paste,saute well.

4.Add all ur vegetables & mix well,just sprinkle some water and cook.It will be done in minutes.
then add  garam masala &peeper to it and mix well.

5.lastly add ur cooked noodles and mix well until masala mixes well with noodles.

(if needed u can add a egg in the last stage, mix well till its cooked,this too will be good).

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