Jhangri (mini)

Jhangri in one of famous south indian sweet,available in all sweet stalls.Mini jhangri is also there,i tried this for the first time and came out well.Jhangri and jelabi is different as for we use jhangri urad dal whereas maida for other.

Kambu/Pearl Millet Kolukatti

Kambu is a healthy cereals which has been forgotten now-a- days,i use to make kambu dosa.This cereal has many health benefits like gluten free food,reducing cholesterol,weight loss and more.Do try and change to healthy cereals.I tried this from Vikis kitchen.

Black Forest Cake

black forest cake

Today my daughter's birthday,i made this cake for her.As in my MW can't bake i made it gas top & the output was a fine cake.She too loved it.

Green tomato poriyal | Side dish for Rice

Green tomato kootu
Sometimes we get green tomatoes in the market, but these ones i grow them in my apartments.I love gardening, but no way in our apartments but i somehow try to grow some plants in my terrace.

Thinai/Quinao dosa

Thinai/quinao/fox millet dosa

I don't  know whats the english name for thinai,i googled and in some its given as quinao and in some as fox millet,any way we know what its thinnai in tamil,.The dosa was so crispy and tasted very good.Try and change to healthier version of dosa.

Cauliflower/Gobi fry

As the monsoon has started in chennai we all like to have something hot always.This fry i made yesterday and it was finished in a minute,nothing left for me.Try it and enjoy.

Kovakkai/Ivy gourd/Tindora side dish

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We make daily one side dish for rice,for us the meal is not complete without a vegetable side dish.
This kovakkai dish absolutely tasted good,do give try.

Samba Rava Pongal/Kichadi

I mostly don't make pongal with rice,i use oats,samba rava& rava.I like to try it with other cereals than rice,i must try using quinoa.My daughter likes pongal made with any cereals,if vada was there it will be awesome.

Oats Cookies(eggless)

I think cookies are favourites for all,here too.Since in my microwave i cannot bake,i bake it in my cooker,the output was excellent.Try,the things are simple and easily available.

Tomato Salsa

 Now a days all have started eating fresh vegetables more than the cooked one,this is one way of it i think.This can be easily made & the things needed are sure in our kitchen.

Simple Fish Fry

Fish is  a good source of protein,as we are from sea side are,kanyakumari Fish is one food which is mostly in our daily menu.There we get them very fresh from sea to kitchen and it taste heavenly.

Chow-Chow/Chayote Sambar

I usually add many vegetables mainly brinjal to sambar,this is the first time i did like this and it was nice too.

Vegatable Uttappam

Today morinng we  made this uttapam fro breakfast,it tasty good.Want to know how i made it.

Quinoa-Vegetable soup

Quinoa is  a grain , fully protein packed,gluten free and can be used as alternative to rice.It gives a nice crunchy effect.This is the first time i tried this & it was good.Try to eat more cereals other than rice.
I tried this soup from here.This grain is nothing but thinnai.

Cow peas/Black eyed peas/Karamani Sundal

Navarathri wishes to all blogger friends.Today i have come with a sundal variety.I made it for evening snack,it was nice to have with a cup of tea.

Chai-East African Tea

Most of us drink it, Some prefer drinking black or plain tea, but i usually drink it like this only.
I drink tea in evening,it refresh me a lot.

Do u want to know how to make it,click here.


Tomato thokku


I got this thokku from Nithu's blog.We had it for morning dosa,awesome it was.Try it.


Lemon Rasam


This Wonderful  rasam variety i got it from Nithu's kitchen,do give a try.I have made this for today lunch,it tasting good.

Bottle gourd/Sorakkai payasam/kheer

Payasam is my favourite dessert which i like  to  take  after meals,but my daughter don't like it at all.
This kheer i heard from a person on Tv very long before and gave a try today,tasty well.

Cucumber skin chutney

Mostly we waste the skin of many vegetables,but we can use it many ways.One way of using it is we can make chutney like this with it.I learnt this from my sister-in-law.

Bitter gourd/Pavakkai gravy/Kuzlambu

Bitter gourd is not liked by most of us,even i too don't like it before but my hubby like it and whenever he use to come for vacation he will buy this.But i too started liking it specially this gravy.

Pepper/Melagu gravy/Kuzlambu

This pepper kuzlambu is suitable for winter season and also for person who have cold r cough.Try it ,you will like it.

Peanut chutney version -1

Hai, i tried this from Siris space and it was awesome.Give a try u too will fall in love with it.
It was said it is famous in Bombay.

Bottle Gourd /sorakkai Adai

This is my first time mixing  a vegetable with dosa batter and make,must say even my kids eat well.It is very useful when children avoid eating such vegetables we can make like this and give.

Sago/Sabudana kitchadi

This kichadi i learnt for you tube, as ,they say it will be tasty, tried once it was good, then tried again so decided to post & took pictures. It was said that they take this during fasting.


I think all know to make murukku,my mom as she left us 12yrs back,don't make this murukku at home,For Christmas my mun mostly buy & disturb to houses,this is what i remember.This murukku i myself learnt from net,tried  came fine after few failures so decided to have it in my blog.

Indianized French toast(using besan flour)

This is the first time i tried a bread toast without egg,that too came out well and tasted very good.Do try this and i am sure u too will like it.Want to know how i made this

Capsicum clear soup

Soup act as appetiser,mostly we order soups only first when go out for dinner.I browse & got it.I have many changes yet it came out well.Try it.

Kaju katli(Cashew burfi)- Easy method

kaju katli
I am so happy to write about this sweet.This is my daughter's favourite.I tried this many times but only 1 or 2 times it came well mostly failure was my result,sometimes the sugar syrup became watery

sometimes it was hard,etc.But this time it was perfect and i was so happy & its easy to make also.I got this recipe from 'show me your curry space',u too try i am sure u will get it perfect.

Thavala vadai

Thavala vadai is a mixture of all dals & raw rice,but here i included sago too.this gave a chewy taste and it was nice,do you a try.

Pasiparuppu payasam/kheer

I like to drink payasam of any kind after meal but my daughter don't like payasam,then too i make it.Pasiparuppu payasam is also my favourite.It tasted awesome..

Wheat kulipaniyaram

We make kuli paniyaram in different ways,this is one kind of it and this can be made in minutes as the ingrediants of it are sure in all homes.Try it out.
My father likes kuli paniyaram the most.

Rava Idli | Easy Breakfast | Step by step method

Rava idli comes in handy when there is no ground batter in the fridge and if any long to eat idli.With added vegetables in it makes this idli colorful and healthy.If you don't have eno fruit salt replace it with baking soda.

Horsegram/Kollu sundal

horsegram sundal

Horse gram is very good for health,it is know by different names in different parts ,Kollu in South India, Cowpea in English, Kulti in Hindi, Habbul Kulth in Arabic, Kulatha Kalai in Sanskrit, Bian Dou in Chinese, Bonnavista Bean and also Hyacinth Bean. The health benefits of horse gram are being recognized light in the western world recently but has been known for its medicinal purposes by Indian Ayurvedic Vaidyas since centuries.
It has many  medicinal property so use one a month at least in any form.

Sundakai vathal kuzlambu/gravy

sundakai vathal kuzlambu

We all eat this vathal as a fry,but we can use it in gravy too taste good also.This sundakai vathal is very good for health.I made this gravy with coconut.Try it out.

Mutton curry(without coconut)

We always make mutton or chicken on sunday,its like a must for us and i like to make too.I make any rice variety with chicken or mutton as side gravy.I usually make it without coconut only.If u prefer u can add coconut.

Vaazhakai/Raw banana fry(not deep fry)

Since my broadband service was in problem i couldn't post any recipe for 3 days,now its fine.Coming to the dish it vey easy to make.Hope all will give a try.