Bottle gourd/Sorakkai payasam/kheer

Payasam is my favourite dessert which i like  to  take  after meals,but my daughter don't like it at all.
This kheer i heard from a person on Tv very long before and gave a try today,tasty well.


1.Bottle gourd- 1\2(if its big)
2.Sugar-1\2 cup(increase it u want  it  to be more sweet)
3.Milk- 1 cup
4.Cashew- to garnish
5.Elachi powder- 1\4 tsp
7.Salt- a small pinch


1.Peel the skin of bottle gourd ,deseed and remove all inner husk.

2.Grate it & keep.

3.Cook the grated vegetable in milk,if u opt u can add little water also to cook.

4.Then add required sugar to it & mix well.

5.When its almost done garnish it with ghee fried cashew.


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