Cow peas/Black eyed peas/Karamani Sundal

Navarathri wishes to all blogger friends.Today i have come with a sundal variety.I made it for evening snack,it was nice to have with a cup of tea.


1.Cow peas/Karamani-100 gms
2.Grated coconut-2 tbsp
3.Mustard- to temper
4.Ginger- 1\2 cm length(u may use hing too)
5.Curry leaves- a spring
6.Turmeric powder- 1\4 tsp
7.Salt to taste.


1.Soak cow peas for about 6 to 8 hrs.

2.Mostly it get cooked soon,so i cooked it for just  10 min, u can use cooker too.One whistle is enough.

3.Drain the excess water & keep.Cut the ginger into very small pieces.

4.Heat oil in a pan,pop out mustard,ginger,curry leaves,then add cooked cow peas and saute.

5.Add turmeric powder,salt & grated coconut,give a quick mix  .

Serve with a cup of tea.

Sending it to tickling palates protein rich food


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