Jhangri (mini)

Jhangri in one of famous south indian sweet,available in all sweet stalls.Mini jhangri is also there,i tried this for the first time and came out well.Jhangri and jelabi is different as for we use jhangri urad dal whereas maida for other.


1.Urad dal- 1cup
2.Rice flour- 1 tsp
3.Kesari colour
4.Oil to fry

Sugar syrup:

1.Sugar-1 cup
2.Water-1 1\2 cup


1.Soak urad dal for 30min,if u soak for more time it may absorb more oil.

2.Grind it to a fine paste by adding very little water,the consistency is if we drop in water it should float.This is the correct consistency.

3.Mix rice flour,colour to it and keep.

4.Make sugar syrup to half string consistency.

5.Heat oil in a pan,add the coloured mixture into a Ziploc back,make a small hole.

6.Pipe out the mixture in small circles in the heated oil and fry on both sides and immerse in to the sugar syrup.

Serve hot or cold.


1.Let the jhangri get immersed in sugar syrup well, mine i took it out soon,so  it was not so sweet inside.



  1. Love jangiris... Looks so yummy. First time here. happy to follow

  2. Mini jangiris look cute :). Thx for linking.

  3. so cute!! love them.. can grab a few right now!! Thanks for sending this yummy recipe to my event.. Looking for more yummy recipes...

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