Kovakkai/Ivy gourd/Tindora side dish

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We make daily one side dish for rice,for us the meal is not complete without a vegetable side dish.
This kovakkai dish absolutely tasted good,do give try.


1.Kovakkai- 250 gms.
2.onion-1 big
3.Grenn chilli-1
4.Coconut grated-to garnish
5.Oil to temper
6.Mustard-1\2 tsp
7.Cumin/jeera seeds-1\2 tsp
8.Salt to taste
9.Curry leaves -little
10.Turmeric powder-1\2 tsp


1.Clean and cut kovakkai in thin long strips.

2.Cut onion & chilli.

3.Heat oil in a kadai,pop out mustard,jeera and curry leaves,add kovakkai and saute for a

4.Add salt & turmeric powder and sprinkle little water and cook till done.

5.Remove from flame and add grated coconut.

Serve with steamed rice,we had it with  theeyal.

Sending it to Bon Vivant simply side



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