I think all know to make murukku,my mom as she left us 12yrs back,don't make this murukku at home,For Christmas my mun mostly buy & disturb to houses,this is what i remember.This murukku i myself learnt from net,tried  came fine after few failures so decided to have it in my blog.


1.Rice flour- 1 cup
2.Urad dal powder-1\4 cup
3.Butter-1 tsp(i added oil only)
4.Salt to taste
5.Sesame seeds-little( i used white colour)
6.Oil to fry


1.To make urad dal powder dry roast urad dal in a pan in slow flame until a nice aroma come.Cool,powder & sieve it.

2.Rice flour  i used my home made  one only ,u can even use ready made.

3.Mix all the ingredient except oil by adding little water to a smooth dough.don't beat the dough much.

4.Heat oil in a pan,check whether the oil has reached the correct temperature by adding a small dough into it.If it comes up immediately,the oil is in correct temperature.

5.Then fill the presser with the dough and press it on oil.

6.When it is fried,remove from drain excess oil with kitchen towel or tissue.

7.Keep in air tight container & use it.

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