Pasiparuppu payasam/kheer

I like to drink payasam of any kind after meal but my daughter don't like payasam,then too i make it.Pasiparuppu payasam is also my favourite.It tasted awesome..


1.Pasi paruppu/moongdal-1\2 cup
2.Coconut milk 1st milk-1 cup
                           2nd milk- 2 to 3 cups
3.Raisins& cashew
5.Jaggery  to taste


1.Dry roasted moongdal in a pan till a nice aroma comes.

2.Cook the roasted dal in 2nd coconut milk.

3.Break the jaggery to small pieces and it u want u can make a syrup with & filter.(i just added).

4.When the dal is almost cooked add the jaggery or jaggery & stir well.

5.In about 5 min it would be almost done,then add ur 1st coconut milk and give a quick stir Don't boil after 1st milk added it will be curled.

6.Fry cashew & raisins in ghee and add to it,serve.


Instead of coconut milk u can use milk too,but with coconut milk only it will taste great.

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  1. very authentic and very festive kheer!!! Thanks for linking it to my event!! Looking for more yummy recipes!!
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