Quinoa-Vegetable soup

Quinoa is  a grain , fully protein packed,gluten free and can be used as alternative to rice.It gives a nice crunchy effect.This is the first time i tried this & it was good.Try to eat more cereals other than rice.
I tried this soup from here.This grain is nothing but thinnai.


1.Quinoa-1\2 cup washed & drained.(Use cloth to drain which is quite easy)
2.Onion-1 big
3.Garlic pods-4
4.Green chilli-1
5.Mixed vegetables-1 1\2 cup
6.Maggi vegetable stock-1
9.Cilantro(coriander)- to garnish
10.Lime juice-after garnish to squeeze.
11.Olive oil


1.Heat oil in a cooker,add onions,garlic & saute.

2.Then add cleaned quinoa,vegetables,stock,green chilli,salt and cover the cooker with lid.

3.Cook for 4 to 5 whistle.

4.After the pressure is released add,pepper,coriander leaves & lime juice to taste.

5.Serve hot.


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