Sundakai vathal kuzlambu/gravy

sundakai vathal kuzlambu

We all eat this vathal as a fry,but we can use it in gravy too taste good also.This sundakai vathal is very good for health.I made this gravy with coconut.Try it out.


1.Coconut grated-4 to 5 tsp
2.Red chilli powder-2 tsp or to ur spice level
3.Coriander powder-2 tsp
4.Turmeric powder-1\2 tsp
5.Jeera-1\2 tsp
6.Tamarind-1 lemon size
7.onion -1
8.Garlic pods-4
9.curry leaves-1 spring
10.sundakai vathal
11.Salt to taste
12.oil-2 tsp
13.Mustard to temper


1.Grind coconut with jeera and all powders to a fine paste..(Only if we add any powder items to grated coconut we will get fine paste).

2.Cut onion.Soak tamarind in water & take the juice

3.Heat oil in a pan throw away mustard,when it splutters add onion,curry leaves,saute.then add the ground paste,tamarind juice,salt & mix well.

4.Check for spice level & add chilli powder if needed.

5.Let it boil for some time.When starts to thicken switch off.

6.In another pan heat oil,add the sundakai vathal,when it is fried add to the prepared gravy.

Your kuzlambu is ready.Serve with hot rice and any side dish.

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