Chicken Briyani- easy method | Video recipe

Chicken briyani

Many likes briyani as it  can be served as a whole meal without curry for it.Any raitha  and with or without  salad would make a good combo.I make once a while inSundaysndays.This is quite easy to make ,try it and let me know.

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake- In microwave

Ever since i saw this cake recipe in foodomania i have to try it but i don't have that dark/baking chocolate,i tried it with another chocolate it came out well.I tried this one month before.Today also i made one lava cake ,pictures below.

Fish cutlet

Fish cutlet

After a very long time may be in years i am making fish cutleand I love cutlet of any type.Beef cutlet will be awesome and must make it one day for kids.When my amma was alive she use to make it often but i rarely make it.Since I got bored of eating fish fries and curries I made this cutlet.

Chickpea/White Channa Sundal

I think nobody need more info about chick peas/ white Channa,its a protein packed stuff,which is essential for body building.Give children more protein rich food,also our needs protein more.One of the best way to eat it is in form of sundal.

Semiya Payasam/Vemicelli Kheer

Semiya payasam(vermicelli kheer) will take a place in the menu of all marriages and is also made is every festival. It made it yesterday for the church feast, Its quite very easy to make even a beginner can make it easier.

Eggless Multicolor-Rainbow Cake-Microwaved

This is the first time my cake came soo well in microwave,i was so happy to see it specially my kids.We cannot call it as a rainbow cake because i don't have all the VIBGYOR colour,i just had four colours and tried with it.It can be made within 10min in micro oven.Planning to make different cake in microwave.

Rainbow cake

Tomorrow our church festival so i decided to make it,i gathered information from two sites baketitude and other from suleka, combined reduced the quantity and did.the result was excellent.

Mini Kozhukattai (Video recipe)

Mini kozhukattai
Kozhukattai will be mostly everyone's favourite. my daughter, son too like it. I mostly make it an evening snack only. This is very easy to make.

Purple Cabbage Vadai-Urad dal

Purple cabbage vadai

I  think most of us like vadai,this cabbage vadai also tastes yummy we had it with tea and it was nice for this cool evening.Try it.

Simple Dal curry

Dal curry

Simple Dal curry as the name says its very simple and easy,i usually make this when i get bored to cook any kuzlambu/gravy,its ready in 15min and taste excellent.Hope many know to make this,yet it may be useful for some beginners.

Onion Uttappam

Onion uttappam

I rarely make uthappam because my kids  love crispy dosas only,they always get bored eating the same foods they need varieties and new  food everyday.I made this for breakfast and it taste good.

Easy Nutri- Balls( Dates &Nuts)

This balls is very easy to make and the ingredients are easily available.Some children won't like to eat dates we can make like this and give,sure they will eat.

Idli Podi

Idli podi
I hope in almost in all houses they have this idli podi,its one of the best accomplishment with idli or dosa when u feel lazy to make chutney.Each one have their version,here is mine.My daughter use to simply take this podi mix with oil or ghee and eat.

Golden Pan cake(eggless)

Pan cake
This recipe i got my from a blog which i follow,sorry i don't remember the name.Pancakes are quite easy to make and tasted excellent.I love the colour and aroma  of it.

Quinoa Paniyaram(Savoury)

I don't think you all need any intro about quinoa well i add some.Quinoa is a gluten-free and cholesterol-free whole grain,provides 9 essential amino acids,east to cook, has the highest protein content and tastes great.Try to include this wonderful cereal in your diet once for a while.

Peanut Murukku

Yesterday in podhighai channel they told in a cookery show about this peanut murukku,i decided to try and tried today.The result was awesome nice crispy,tasty murukku to crunch for tea time.

Badusha | Diwali sweet

Badusha is one of my all time favourite sweets.When i buy or get any sweet box i use to see for it first.This was my first attempt to make it and it came wonderful.Do try its very simple,my daughter who doesn't like sweets ate more,she loved it.

Walnut Burfi (Microwave method)

Walnut burfi may sounds somewhat different to many for me too,i got this recipe from net,since it sounds different i want to try it,it came out well.It was not hard somewhat similar to ellu urundai(sesame balls).

Kulfi Ice cream- 100th post

This is my 100th post and i am so happy to write this post, today is go with a dessert which is very easy to make.Thanks for all my followers and friends.

Beetroot Poriyal

Today i come with a very simple recipe,a side dish for rice,most of u know it,yet i add it to my blog.The things needed are very little and it can be done within 5 min.

Kadalai curry | side dish for aapam,puttu

kadalai curry

Kadalai curry is one of the well known recipes of kerala,these use this as a side dish of idli,dosa,chappathi,puttu even upma too.When we were there in kumaraham boat house they served us upma with kadalai curry only,that was the first time i had it with upma & it was excellent.

Vegetable Pulao

vegatable pulao

Pulao is one of my favourite with is simple to make and taste awesome and i like any kind of it.This vegetable  pulao is also so simple and tasted excellent.

Bread Gulab Jamun

Gulab jamun is a easy recipe which can be made by all and it is suitable for all festivals,We can make it with ready made mix,khoya,milk powder.etc.Here i have made it with bread pieces.

Mysore pak (microwave method)

Mysore pak
Think many will be busy preparing sweets for diwali,this is one simple sweets which can be made very easy.

Red chutney(Coconut) | Side Dish for Idli/ Dosa

This is a chutney which is so versatile that can be served  for idli/dosai,or even for appam and idiyappam.Its very easy to make and just take few minutes.You can find this chutney in my kitchen very often since it suits to all south indian breakfast recipe.I usually make it wihtout tamarind but if you want a tangy taste in your chutney then add a very small piece. Also adding pottukadalai is optional. Both the version with and without it will be tasty.

Mint-Coriander Thogayal

This chutney or thogayal is very easy to make ad can as side for ant dish,good with rice.


1.Mint leaves-1 cup
2.Coriander/Cilantro-1\4 cup

3.Coconut grated-3 tbsp
5.Urad dal-1 1\2 tsp
5.Green chilli or red-2 (acc. to ur spice level)


1.Clean both leaves well.

2.Heat little oil,saute mint leaves well.

3.Cool and transfer to mixie jar,saute urad dal and red chilli on the same pan and tranfer to jar.

4.Add tamarind,cleaned cilantro,coconut to the mixie jar and grind to fine paste,add little water.

5.Serve with hot rice or any dish.

Mutton Biryani

Briyani are usually made in spl occasion,we use to make monthly once on any Sundays ,this briyani i made on my daughter's birthday it came out well.It was awesome to eat it hot on these rainy days.