Easy Nutri- Balls( Dates &Nuts)

This balls is very easy to make and the ingredients are easily available.Some children won't like to eat dates we can make like this and give,sure they will eat.


Prep.Time-15 min.

  • Dates- 100gms(1 packet,i used lion dates)
  • Nuts-1\4 cup(almond& pista)
  • Marie biscuit-7
  • Ghee- 1 tsp


1.Grab ur ingredients.

2.De seed the dates and cut into small pieces.

3.Saute it in a pan until it become soft if needed u may add little ghee or butter.

4.Then add all the things(coarsely powdered biscuit,nuts and rice flakes )to it and mix well.

5.Rub ur hands with ghee and make small balls of it.


1.Since i had rice flakes i added u may omit it.

2.You can even add dry roasted oats too.

Sending it to paricash second event,60 days to xmas,Sirisfood 1st anniversary,dish in 30min.


  1. Hi babitha... A small note..you need to send me a recipe thru email with clear step by step pictures which is not there on your blog to my giveaway n not the link of the recipe from ur blog....pls email me if you still have any questions..

    Balls look healthy

  2. Thanks Babita for this entry and its really a quick and delicious sweet..To participate in giveaway, Please follow the rules..

    Dish In 30 minutes event with Giveaway

  3. Delicious and helathy nutri balls.


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