Christmas Greetings

I  wish all my co-bloggers,friends and all Happy Christmas,this is mt first Xmas after i start blogging so it is little spl.We are enjoying our Xmas at our home town & having lot of fun.
Once more i wish u all  Merry Christmas.

Beetroot Vadai

I hope all  like to munch something for tea/coffee in the evening,mostly many prefer fried items.I saw this vadai in The Hindu newspaper and some co-bloggers to have this in their blog.I made this as evening snack yesterday and all were finished in minutes.
Its easy to give kids who hate to eat vegetables.

Homemade Rice Wine/Ari Wine | Christmas Recipe

Wine has a vital role in Christmas celebration,though i don't like wine i just want to try.After blogging i came across some many wine varieties and was surprised of itand different things used to amke it.So for this Xmas i decided to try few.This is one such and i learnt from my cousin this variety is very popular in Japan.I got his from here.

Award Time

Its award time now.I participated in the November month   EP event of Julie held at dhivya's space and got two awards.

1.Top Contributor Award

2.Best Innovative Recipe Award for my Quinoa paniyaram.

Thnx dhivya & julie.

Simple Fruit Cake-Eggless & Butterless

As christmas is nearing i want to try plum with egg & without egg.I searched many blogs and tried this egg less version first.Next decided to make rich plum cake using brown sugar,egg and butter,after i will post if it is a success.

Maravalli Kilangu/Tapioca Vadai

As i have said earlier tapioca is one of my favourite ,which i can have any time.In a tv show they mada thattai & in another they made sweet laddu with it,then thought can make variety with this maravalli kilangu & tried this.To say the truth my daughter who don't like this kilangu ate well & liked it very much.

Eggless Chocolate Cookies | Christmas Recipe

As christmas is nearing our house is in christmas mood,i am trying out few recipes for it.My husband bought me an OTG for baking and this is my first try in it and it came out well.


Hello friends,

I received this wonderful "Libester Blog Award" from Preethi of Live your imagination.Thank u preethi.

Here are the details on receiving this award
  • Each person must post 11 things about themselves.
  • Answer the Questions that the nominator sets for you + create 11 Questions for the people you have nominated
  • Choose 11 deserving bloggers and link them in your post.
  • Go to their blog and inform them about this.
  • No tag backs.

Instant Oats Dosai- easy breakfast

Oats dosai

Now a days all have become health conscious,switching to healthy diet,exercising regularly,etc.Oat meal play a vital role in dieting.Many know to make variety breakfast with it but some maynot know,this is one food which can be made very soon.

Red Velvet Cake with Cream frosting

This is my first attempt to try frosting & it came out almost fine.Yesterday my father's birthday i baked this velvet cake for him.I couldn't get correct red colour,i got orange red food color.Anyway i baked it & my kids ,dad all were happy.I referred two three blog and made it.

Vella Kozhukattai

Vella kozhukattai

Kozhukattai is one dish which take part in many hindu's festival,this kozhukattai can be made in many varieties and shapes.This is one type which i my mom makes,she makes this shape only so i to follow it.I mostly don't make it for breakfast only for evening snack i make this.

Horsegram/Kollu Vadai

I don't need to say about the benefit of horsegram,let me add few,for those who are obese this horsegram is a big gift try eating it more & you will lose wait.As the name says it give horse power/energy to us.I made it this evening and to say the true nothing was left for me to taste both my kids finished it.

My first award

Friends ,i am happy to say that i have been selected second place in "Nithu kitchen" ,Try my Recipe contest through the random draw.

Click here for details

Mint-Coriander Chutney-version 2

Today i came with a simple chutney. As i have  already  posted one mint coriander chutney this is my second version.I have added onion & tomato into it.Give a try, it was very tasty can be had with rice,idli,dosa.etc.

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