Homemade Grape Wine | Christmas Recipe (with video)

Grape wine

Updated on dec.2014(below is the wine colour i got in 2014) [ The reason for more deep colour is that i added some caramel syrup in to it.]

This is the first time I tried the wine and quite happy with the result. I was a bit tensed but gathered the courage to make it. I referred information from many pages..This wine was very good than my rice wine.I think all will be busy shopping ,preparing cakes&cookies ,etc. We too have finished our shopping, kids are waiting to go to native to celebrate Xmas, I am much worried as they are not studying for their exams.


  • Grapes-1\2 kg
  • Sugar- 3\4 kg
  • Yeast- 1 tsp
  • Boiled & cooled water= 750ml
  • Wheat kernel- 1 tbsp
  • Cinnamon& cloves- 1

You also need:

Clean, sun-dried big  bharanai or class/porcelain vessel
Wooden spatula
Sun-dried, clean bottles to store

A quick video


1.Wash the grapes and pat dry well.I cleaned it kept on a towel overnight to absorb all moisture.

2. Put the grapes in the vessel and crush it well. I did it well a wooden spatula didn't use hands.

3. Add all the ingredients to the crushed grapes.

4. Cover it well & keep it & store it in a dark place.

5. Stir the wine every day with a wooden spatula(don't use metal ), do it for 21 days.

6. You will notice air bubbles forming on top when fermentation takes place.

7.After 21 days or when the fermentation stops drain it through a muslin cloth/stainer to clean dried vessel.

8. Bottle it in cleaned dried one.

9.While pouring carefully pour without disturbing the sediment.

10.The longer the wine stored better the taste.

updated with this step by step pic. on 16/1/2014

first day ,mixing everything

after 15 days
after 21 days,
Just love my wine this year

Merry Christmas 


1.The colour of the wine depend on the grape type you use.Use dark black to get rich colours.I used the ordinary one so my colour was like this.

2.Adding cloves& cinnamon gives nice spicy aroma and flavour,you may skip if u don't like it.

3.For more darker colour you can add 1\4 cup caramel while making.It gives deeper colour.

4.Use only clean dried wooden spatula for mixing.


  1. Delicious grape wine. I love to taste some.

  2. Delicious, amazingly made grape wine dear.

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