Homemade Rice Wine/Ari Wine | Christmas Recipe

Wine has a vital role in Christmas celebration,though i don't like wine i just want to try.After blogging i came across some many wine varieties and was surprised of itand different things used to amke it.So for this Xmas i decided to try few.This is one such and i learnt from my cousin this variety is very popular in Japan.I got his from here.


( I reduced the quantity very much from the amt there)

{Prep.Time- 10 min
Fermentation time-15 days}

  • Rice-1 1\2 cup(Basmathi or Par-boiled rice)
  • Sugar-3 cup
  • Lime juice & zest of lime-1
  • Raisins- 1\4 cup
  • Yeast-1\4 tsp
  • Boiled & cooled water- 5 cup

You also need:

Clean sun dried bharani or glass jar or ceramic jar.
Wooden spatula to mix
Stainer/muslin cloth
Clean,dried empty bottles to pour it.


1.Put rice,sugar,raisins.lime juice,zest of it in a clean jar.Add boiled& cooled water to it.

2.Stir well and add yeast to it and cover it.

3.Stir the mixture everyday with wooden spatula for some time.

4.On  15th day or when the frothing stops stain it through a strainer/muslin cloth to a clean dry vessel.

5.Pour it to clean, dried bottle and use.


1.I used ordinary basmathi rice available.
2.No need to wash the rice.
3.While pouring don't disturb the sediment settled at bottom.

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