Bringal Kuzlambu | Easy gravy for rice

Bringal kuzlambu

This kuzlambu i make when i feel bored with fish curry and all non veg gravies.This is quite easy to make and will taste excellent.I love the tangy taste of it very much,do try it .


P.Time -10 mins,serves-2

  • Bringal- 2
  • Garlic pods- 5
  • Onion- 1
  • Tomato-1
  • Tamarind- lemon size
  • Red chilli powder-1 tbsp
  • Coriander powder- 1 tsp
  • Turmeric powder- 1\2 tsp
  • green chilli-1
  • Salt to taste

To temper:

curry leaves


1.Cut onion,tomato,garlic,green chilli and keep ready.Extract juice of tamarind.

2.Heat oil in a pan,add the items under to temper ,saute ,then add onion ,green chilli and garlic ,saute for some time.

3.Then add tomato& bringal,when it becomes tender add all powders ,salt to it and mix well.

4.Pour the tamarind juice to it,check for salt,spice and add it needed.

5.When it becomes thick remove from fire,serve with hot steamed rice.


1. You can add sambar powder also& avoid all powders.

2.You can add ladies finger,drumstick too & make gravy like this.

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