Pistachio Burfi/Pista Fudge

I had more pista nuts in my fridge and wandering what to make with it.when looking through web pages i got this recipe.My kids hate to eats pista as nut,but when i made this they enjoyed eating.Its very easy to make and needs little ghee.


Unsalted pista- 1 cup
Sugar- 3\4 cup
Ghee- 2 tbsp


1.Blanch pista and peel the skin,spread it on cloth to make it completely dry.

2.Keep few pista aside for garnishing.

3.In a mixer dry ground the pista to a coarse powder,if smooth burfi needed ground to fine.

4.Grease a plate and keep ready.

5.Heat 3\4 cup sugar in a heavy bottomed pan with 1\2 cup water.

6.When the sugar syrup reaches one string consistency simmer the flame and add pista paste and mix well.

7.Add ghee in between  and stir continuously till it leaves the side of the pan.

8.Switch off the stove and transfer it to the greased plate,flatten with spatula,sprinkle the pista over it for garnish

9.Cut it into desired shape when hot and take out the pieces when it is completely cooled.


  1. Simple yet tasty dessert dish for festivals.

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