Sugar Iced Cookies | Easter Cookies

sugar iced cookies

Its Easter today to mark this special occasion I made Easter bunny cookies with iced sugar ,isn't it look lovely ?Happy Easter to all.may the risen Lord bring joy,happiness,peace to all.Coming to the recipe ,blogging has teach me a lot,this is one of it,i also made vanilla cake with butter icing ,if possible I shall write that post later.My son & daughter loved these cookies very much,it will be a definite hit among kids,if u make.

Homemade Sweetened Condensed Milk

sweetened condensed milk

For a long time I wander to write some basics in my blog,at last  a time came for it.

Whenever I wish to try for some new recipes they need condensed milk,sometime I have it mostly don't,then I have to skip that recipe.When searching I found this can be easily made in home in jiffy time.I tried it and it was awesome.Do give a try and check it out.

Bread Upma | easy breakfast

When kids come tired and hungry from school we need to energize them,for my daughter first I will give a fruit drink then she will roam about looking for some snack,if I am making anything she wait to eat it hot.I love to try new dishes every day to fulfill her taste buds. This is one simple snack which can be made in just time and suitable for kids for after school snack. This can also be served as breakfast.

For variation, you can add capsicum, carrot, boiled peas,etc.

Badam/Almond Burfi

Badam Burfi is one of the burfi which is quite easy to make,i always prefer sweet items than savoury but my daughter is just opposite to me.When ever I carve to eat something sweeter I make something,this is the one just like that,try it  I am sure you will love it.Does it need any festival to make sweets?

Soya Chunk Cutlet

soya chunk cutlet

Soya chunk/ Meal maker cutlet is very easy to make and can be made quickly.I had a pack of meal maker lying on my fridge for a long time actually i bought to make some gravy or briyani with this but it was lying down at last decided to make cutlet to give to kids when they come tried from school. and i made it yesterday evening for tea time snack we all loved it.



Suzhiyam/suzhiyan/seeyan/suyam in whatever name its called is one of a traditional recipe prepared during deepavali.This is a simple sweet filled with sweet fillings.In our area thats in kanyakumari the stuffing we usually prepare with whole green moongdal but in other blogs i see the stuffing is prepared with channa dal.For a evening snack i cooked whole green moongdal,some quantity was left so i decided to make suzhiyam.

Sunsilk Perfect Straight Product Review-My first Review


As a member of Indiblogger i received a pack of sunsilk perfect straight shampoo & conditioner to do a review of it.This is my first review.Intially i thought to skip it off then decided why not write as these words stuck my mind,something is better than nothing.Lets start my review.
Need any explanation about the sunsilk,its well established, know to all & i have been personally using sunsilk shampoo alone from my schooling,i.e. for more than 15 years.Mostly i use black colour and i love it.

Dates Pickle

For a long time i was trying to make this pickle at last i made it,as i made it was lying on my draft for more than 3 months,now the time has come to post it.I love to eat dates but my kids hate it don't know  when they are going to realise the benefit of it.Coming to the dates pickle it goes well with briyani.I got the recipe from here,altered little.

Chettinad Chicken Kuzhambu

 Chettinad is famous for it dishes,we can see almost chettinad restaurant in almost all place,many are fond it me too.I think the freshly made masala give good aroma for their dishes.Coming to the recipe,chicken gravy,i mostly make with out coconut.Last sunday i thought why won't we try chettinad chicken and so googled and got the recipe.

 This post is a part of Healthy & Tasty Recipe Contest with Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil &  title="The Best community for Indian Bloggers"

Matar Gobi Masala | Side Dish for Chappathi

In our house if i make chapati i have to make  another side dish for it my daughter won't eat which the gravy that is left out in afternoon,i will manage anything,that too if i make the same side dish she won't like.I make different dish every time i make chapati,i love to make,chicken sausage she likes the most.

Coming to the recipe this is quite easy to make,think many know to make let it be useful for the beginners.

Cucumber Kuzhambu/Gravy | Gravy for Rice

Cucumber Kuzhambu

Summer has started in Chennai and don't know how severe it will in the month of May,we get lots of watery vegetables and fruits during this season and we have to eat it to avoid dehydration,i advice avoid eating more spicy during this season.Coming to the recipe i have made it with cucumber you can use any watery vegetables like white pumpkin,even lady's finger,etc & its quite easy to make.My daughter like this gravy the most.Try it.

Eggless Trutti Frutti Cookies

Cookies are almost everyone's favourite i too like to much it when ever,thought lets start this march month with a sweet so made it yesterday and posting here,kids surely will like them.