Curry Leaves Powder/ Karuvepillai podi

curry leaves powder 
Karuvepillai  known as curry leaves plays a main role in south Indian cooking.It is rich in nutrients and has unique aroma & taste.Its a iron packed leaves and it prevent the hair from greying.In a TV show I heard a person saying ,a person from type2 diabetic heredity if eats this leaf in morning empty stomach,he may in future has very less chance to get diabetic.Try use this leaves more in ur cooking,for kids grind it in some means & give them.

  • Curry leaves- 2 1\2 to 3 cups (loosely packed)
  • Channa dal-1\2 cup
  • Urad dal- 1\2 cup
  • Jeera/cumin seeds-1 1\2 tsp
  • Red chilli- 4
  • Hing- 1 tsp
  • Garlic- 3(optional)
  • Salt  
1.Wash the leaves well and spread on a towel to dry.
2.Dry roast the leaves on a pan till it becomes crispy.Remove it.

3.Heat 1\2 tsp oil and roast both dals well & cool it.

4.In the same pan roast red chilli,cumin seeds,when roasted switch off& add hing powder ,salt & garlic(if using).


5.Cool everything and powder it in a blender/mixer.
6.Store in air tight container.

Mix this powder with steamed & a tsp of ghee,it would taste heavenly. 


1.I powdered it to a coarse,you can make fine powder too.

2.I like garlic so I have added it  ,if u don't prefer ignore it.

3.Add more chillies according to ur spice level.

4.If u prefer little tangy taste,u can use a small piece of tamarind & grind.


  1. Podi looks fantastic!! Perfectly made! :)

  2. homemade are always the best.. i dont use curry leaves podi.. instead i prefer fresh leaves :)

  3. podi looks super yumm ..will love to have it with some steamed rice :)

  4. Karuvepila podi looks yumm.

  5. Podi looks yummy and flavorful.

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