Homemade Butter

When I write this post I do remember when I was small my granny use to mix curd with mathu and take the butter from it.After seeing many blogs I decided to take butter and to say for this I was collecting milk malai(aadai) for past 5 months.It came a medium sized container but the butter I got was just the quantity here.

  • Milk malai(aadai)- 1 cup
  • Water- as needed
You can use both curd& milk malai,but here I have used only milk aadai.

1.When the milk boils,a thick layer of malai(aadai) forms on top collect it & store in a container & refrigerate it.

2.When the container is full ,transform it to a large container and add water.
Beat it with mathu,here I used electrical beater.Add more water if needed.

3.As you beat a forth forms on top.keep beating the forth starts to collect at one area,collect the butter,the water at the bottom is an excellent buttermilk,mix hing & salt to it and drink.


4.Allow the collected butter and make it float in water ,change the water until the water is clear(this is to remove any buttermilk from it,as it damages the butter).

Your homemade butter is ready


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  1. I love homemade ingredients! Looks yummy! :)


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