Homemade Marshmallow without corn syrup

homemade marshmallow

As I have said earlier I love to try baking & baked products,i want try out something with fondant.so searched,searched for it got some idea,making fondant with gelatin was little bit difficult it says for a beginner,but with marshmallow its quite easy.Then searched for marshmallow recipe,many was this corn syrup,but I think we don't get it here at last got recipe without corn syrup,gathered things for it & made it.

My main idea is to make fondant only but as my daughter as I have decided to make some marshmallow ice creams too with it,i will let u know about the recipes & post it when I make.Now lets see about the basic marshmallow making now.


  • Gelatin -2 tbsp.
  • cold water- 8 tbsp. (for setting gelatin)
  • Granulated sugar-2 cup
  • Cold water- 1\2 cup
  • Vanilla essence- 1 tsp
  • salt- a pinch

For dusting:

Powdered sugar
Corn starch


1. Dust a square pan with powdered sugar & corn flour ,keep ready.

2. In a bowl mix gelatin with 8 tbsp. cold water and set aside.

3.Add granulated sugar with 1\2 cup water in a sauce pan.

4.Stir and cook till all dissolved

5.Add gelatin mix and bring to boil,remove from heat.

6.Allow to cool,when its partially cold add salt & essence.

7.Beat it with an electric beater until it doubles in volume it may take around 10-15 mins.

8.Pour it on the prepared pan & allow to set.

9.Cut into pieces and roll it over powdered sugar.


1.In the pic above,i didn't roll in powdered sugar.

2.The one thing I noticed is,it was more sugary,so reduce the amt from 2 cups to 1 1\2 cup.


  1. I have never dared or even thought of making marshmallow at home, so new to me and looks perfect

  2. Wow! So interesting and perfectly made! :)

  3. wow gr8 effort dear... even i too think to make it at home... now got it from u...

  4. Babitha, marshmallow is lovely but I can't have it often! Cheers

  5. My all time fav..looks so spongy and soft :)


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