Corn and Cheese Pie | Savory Pie | Eggless Baking Group

Corn and cheese pie

For this month eggless baking group Gayathiri suggested a pie recipe and it was happy to bake it.After i join the group i have started trying out these and exploring new recipes thanks  to the group.I referred many sites to made this.The filling depends on your wish,i made little white sauce and mixed the corn it with spices.

Meen Kuzhambu | Fish curry in coconut paste | My Mother's Special | Our Traditional method -Fish curry

Meen Kuzhambu as i say this name my mouth is  watering,yes nothing in world could beat this fish curry.This method of making is our traditional way.when i am in my school days i use to help my mum to extract tamarind juice for this ,as my mother had some skin problem ,like that i learnt making it.After marriage in my MIL place they grind small onions/shallot with masala whereas my mum won't grind onions.I mostly use earth wares to make fish curry and it tastes excellent and i am fond of collecting them in different size.The gravy taste excellent the next day when made in it.Try our traditional method at least once and give feedback.

Chewy Dates Bars | No Bake Bars | Kids Special

This is one of the easiest  bar which can be made just a few minutes, even children can make it.I got this on from here.I just made it two ingredients ,if you prefer you can add nuts to it.

Sago Vada / Fritters | Easy snack for kids

sago fritters

Sago/Sabudana fritters is one of the snack of north Indian,which is a filling snack and make best pair with a hot cup of chai/tea of coffee.

Poondu/Garlic Kuzhambu- Onion garlic gravy | Easy gravy for rice

This is one of the easiest kuzhumbu which can be made in jiffy.The ingredients needed for it will be in ur pantry for sure.Try out this easy gravy.

Vegetable Cheese Roll | Easy Snack For Kids | Recipe with Bread

Veggie cheese rolls

I am receiving Tarla Dalal 's  "Cooking & more "for more then 5 months and i have not tried any dish from it as sometimes as when i decide to make any, things won't be in my pantry.Two days before i decided to try this one from her book with slight changes.Very apt to feed the kids back from school.

Broken Wheat Upma | Diabetic Friendly | Easy Breakfast

Cracked wheat upma

Upma is one of the easiest breakfast which can be made in jiffy.When i was young i hate it but as i grow i started liking it,specially with coconut chutney.If i feel lazy to make chutney i just eat it with sugar nothing matches.Once when we were in boat house they served us upma with kadalai curry,after tasting the combo my kids to started liking this very much.

Badami Chicken/ Chicken cooked in Almond-Coconut paste

Chicken is one  non-veg which is liked by almost all non-vegetarians.We can do different experiment with it and to say the truth it will not fail.One Sunday i tried this chicken with almond/badam and it was hit.Its very easy to make and try it out.

Oats Savory Crackers | Oats Recipes

When i saw this post here, I immediately decided to  make this and made it.I just made very slight change in the ingredients, try it. Very good combo for tea/coffee.

Adai Dosai /South Indian Lentil Crepes | Protein Packed Breakfast

Rice & lentils crepes

Adai  is nothing but a crepes made with mixture of lentils and rice.Its a protein power packed,filling food to start your day.This crepes doesn't need any fermentation ,u can make it immediately.

Breads Sticks | How to make Bread Sticks

Breads  Sticks  | How to make Bread Sticks

Bread sticks with step by step pictures.

This was in my list to do for a long,at last, i made it. Although the shape is not so perfect i will make it better next time.It calls for garlic powder but I didn't have it in hand,i somehow dried some garlic in oven and powder it,but it didn't work as it became a mass.I have coated the sticks with that only. You can see something sticking on the outer surface of it, it is that what I powdered, but the taste was too good.Try using garlic powder.

Sweet Corn Tikki / Cutlet | Healthy evening snack

sweet corn tikki

I  bought two corn and it was lying on my fridge for a long,i just don't want to boil and eat,want to make something different.Yesterday evening tried this,my daughter liked it very much,she say mummy i have become fat now eating more.Do try this and i am damn sure kids will love.

Vatha Kuzhambu | Vatral in Tamarind sauce | Tangy gravy for rice

If you are a tangy love then I am sure you will love this gravy.In almost almost restaurant if you order for veg meals sure one gravy will be this.
I just love tangy taste, as writing this post too my mouth is watering.

Cabbage Fritters/ Pakoda | Heathy evening snack | Recipe with cabbage

cabbage pakoda

 Deep fried version is definitely a hit among kids.If I say I am not going to deep fry  and ask my daughter shall I bake it  'coz its healthy my daughter won't accept it,she likes/prefer deep fried version only.For an evening snack I was wondering what to make for kids,then ends up with this cabbage pokoda.

Flaxseeds Balls/ Ladoo | Healthy Sweet | Recipe with Flaxseeds

Flax seeds balls

Flax seeds is one of the more nutritious seeds, its a high source of Omega 3 fatty acids, antioxidant and fiber.Its very low in carbohydrates and ideal for people you like to intake less carbohydrates.

      Yesterday evening I was wandering what to make for kids when they return home,suddenly stuck up with an idea to make this and made.Kids first refused to eat, then saying the benefits of it ,they ate.One thing the sweetness was less,so increase it little.
 This is very very easy,try it.

Eggless Jam Swirled Muffins | Eggless Baking Group challenge

Eggless jam swirled muffins

For the June month's egg less baking group challenge, Priya Suresh of Priya's Versatile recipes suggested this Jam swirled muffins .Baking a cake/muffins is always fun at home and same was with this jam swirled muffins too. The jam is used here is ready-made mixed fruit jam, the muffin was soft, moist and yummy. Try it. For egg replacement, I just add a little more yogurt.