Chewy Dates Bars | No Bake Bars | Kids Special

This is one of the easiest  bar which can be made just a few minutes, even children can make it.I got this on from here.I just made it two ingredients ,if you prefer you can add nuts to it.


  • Dates- 15 to 20
  • Marie biscuit- 5 (or as needed)

How i made:

1. De seed the dates. cut into pieces.Powder the biscuit.

2.Heat a non-stick kadai/wok add the dates pieces to it and saute for a while.In just a few minutes it will be soft and sticky.Switch off.

3.Add the powdered biscuit to it and mix well.

4.Transfer it to the a plate and cut in to squares.(notes)

Your chewy bar is ready.


1.If ur not able to cut keep in fridge for sometime and cut.

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  1. looks super easy and nutritious...

  2. Very healthy and delicious dear...

  3. Yummy healthy bars with dates.great for snacking ..

  4. That's a damn healthy & yummy energy bar.. Wonderful idea !!

  5. Delicious yummy healthy bar.. Thanks for linking with us..


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