Apple Custard Smoothie | Kids Delight

This is actually to be posted yesterday but due to a day current cut for maintains i couldn't do it.It has become difficult to make my kids drinks fruits and i have to look out some different way like juice,smoothies,etc to make them eat it and made this.I slightly adapted this recipe from Tarla Dalal.

Easy Milk Peda using milk powder | Easy Sweet Recipe

Easy  Milk Peda using milk powder | Easy Sweet  Recipe
Milk peda with step by step picture.
Milk peda made without condensed milk. This sweet is so easy and quick to make. If you are clueless what sweet to make for festival try this simplest sweet.

Thenkuzhal Murukku | Festive Recipe

Thenkuzhal Murukku | Festive Recipe

This recipe finds a place in almost all festival and its quite easy to make .First i too thought its very difficult to make it but after trying it out, and with the result, my thinking is totally wrong.Try this easy murukku.

Vegetable Biryani | Easy Method | One Pot Meal | Easy Lunch Box

vegetable biryani

Having kids at home,daily have  to think and do different rice variety for their lunch box.Now a days it has become difficult for my son to make eat his lunch but no problem with my daughter.Coming to this recipe on fine morning my daughter asked vegetable rice for her lunch box,made it.Try out this easy rice.

Eggless Achu Murukku/Rose Cookies |Step by Step Pictures | Festive Recipe ( with a small video)

Eggless Achu  Murukku/Rose Cookies |Step by Step Pictures | Festive  Recipe ( with a small video)

This is one of recipe which will definitely be in the list for Xmas sweets in our native(kanyakumari Dist.).This is a sweet crispy murukku sometimes called as achappam. My MIL has different shapes of achus with her.Last month when i went for my grocery shopping i grab one achu/mold for me.

Choco- Almond Loaf Cake -Microwaved & Eggless

choco almond eggless cake

Past three days were terrible days for me  as my son swallowed a coin and we all were worried.First we took x rays to confirm it ,then doctor adviced to give more bananas and water.By God's grace it came out yesterday night and a million thanks to God almighty.

Now coming to the recipe,i was looking to make some microwave baking and referred many,at last i decided to make almond cake,then thought to add some cocoa powder to it and make choc almond cake.The result was a soft moist almond loaf cake.

Rice Porridge / Arisi Kanji | Easy dinner recipe

rice porridge

Its been raining in Chennai from midnight and the weather is soo comforting,thank God for the lovely climate.Coming to the recipe ,this porridge is so easy to make within 10-15 mins and don't need a extra side dish to accompany this.We ate it as like that,if u prefer u can have some hot pickles to it.

Focaccia | Mixed Herbs Seasoning Focaccia | Italian Bread


Focaccia is a flat oven baked italian bread topped with  herbs or other ingredients.
Its usually seasoned with olive oil and salt and sometimes with herbs.Here i used mixed italian herbs for seasoning with olive oil.

Green and Sweet Chutney for Chats | Chutney for Chat

When one thinks of chat, the green and sweet chutney comes to our mind first,as we all prefer to have the chat with it alone. Its very easy to make, make it refrigerate it and use when needed. For longer shelf life keep it in the freezer.

Homemade Granola Bars | Chewy Granola Bar | Healthy breakfast bars

I like nuts very much and love sweets made with them but my kids hate it,my daughter favourite is kaju/cashew sweets alone..This bar was in my list to do for a long time,yesterday i decided to make it and made it.It tasted good ,try out this healthy bar.
I slightly adapted the recipe from here.

Eggless Dates Cake | No Egg and No Butter Dates cake | Recipe with Dates

For a long time i want to bake  a dates cake and it came true on Saturday,as i have said in my earlier post,baked it on that day.Also for another reason i want to bake,since my brother was in vacation i promised him i would bake a cake for him,and did it.The feedback from my brother's house was it taste excellent.To make little healthy i used wheat flour.

Upma Recipe | Rava/Sooji Upma | Quick breakfast

"Upma " is one among the most disliked breakfast among youngsters and the same adds for me too..When my mum use to make it i never like it,but things changed now.After marriage i started liking it . Upma will taste good if  eating with coconut chutney and  equally taste good with sugar too .This is quickest recipe to make on busy morning days or when alone.

Dhokla Recipe | Famous Gujarathi Dish


Dhokla was in my do to do list for a long time,last month itself i bought the ingredients for it but didn't do.On Saturday when my kids are at home i assured  my daughter i will make it for you and made this and two more dishes on that day,one i have posted yesterday custard cookies and other eggless wheat dates cake will follow.My daughter wandered and asked why making so many,i replied her i decided so made it.Now to the recipe,this can be made in MW too,but i made it in my idli steamer.

Custard Cookies -Eggless | Kids special

custard cookies

This is one of the soft cookies which just  melts in your mouth.Two days before while watching  Podhigai channel cooking show came across this cookies,noted down and made it yesterday evening.I must say this ,when my cookies was cooling my toddler son took a fork and made impressions on them,can you see it,naughty boy.

Karamani Sundal / Black Eyed Peas Recipe | Sundal recipe

Sundal is one healthy ,filling and protein packed dish for kids,its very apt to give them when they are tired in the evening.My daughter likes all variety of sundal and one fine evening i made this.

Walnut Cocoa Truffles | Healthy Sweets | Recipe with Walnut

Need anything else to say about this healthy truffles loaded with walnut.I have a huge quantity of walnut with me,wandering what to do with it,if i notice any recipe with walnut i gather information more about it.Have to scold children for they don't like these  nuts and must looks some alternate to make them eat.Got this recipe from here.She used pure coconut palm sugar and its not available in India so i substitute it with brown sugar,If ur in US you will get it there.Try it out.