Nendran chips | Kerala Nendran Banana Chips

nendran banana chips

I have been  posting many sweet recipes  for past few days so decided to go with a savoury one today.Recently i got a new friend divya from Happy cook,i don't know about her,we are graduated from the same college & so we are friends now .But she is very much junior to me,great cook,lovely person and also we  also do from same area near nagercoil.In our area the nendran chip we get will be more tasty,yummy,etc,etc and nothing can beat it.When ever we go there for vacation we use to buy it in huge quantity.In her blog she posted this chips variety and i decided to make it.


  • Raw nendran banana-2
  • turmeric powder- 1\2 tsp
  • Salt to taste
  • Oil to fry


1.Slit the skin of the banana and peel the skin of it.Immerse it in turmeric water for 30 mins.

2.Then slice them thinly using a slicer or knife.Dry the sliced pieces on a cloth for a while.

3.Heat oil in a pan  and deep fry these sliced plantains,when half done cooked just sprinkle some salt water over it (else see notes how i did) and fry till the "shh" sound stops.

4.Drain it on kitchen towel/tissue and serve as tea time snack.


1.Be careful while splashing water on the hot oil.

2.You can use coconut oil of the original kerala flavour.

3.I didn't splash on hot oil,but mixed salt after frying it,as i am scared to add water on hot oil.


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