Ulli Theeyal -Small onions(shallots) in spicy Tamarind Gravy | Kerala Recipe

Theeyal is nothing but the sauce made with well burnt coconut  and spice with tamarind.Ulli means small onions ,shallots.Theeyal is a kerala dish and i love it very much.

Karasev | Spicy Sev Recipe| Festive Savoury Recipe

kara sev

Diwali is almost at your doors hope all will busy preparing for it although we don't celebrate it we buy little crackers for the kids to fire making them happy is the main one.I don't prepare special dishes for it but in evening to feed them i make different snack,this is the one which i made yesterday.

Capsicum/Bell Pepper Masala | Side Dish for Roti/ Chappathi

As yesterday was my daughter's birthday i prepared some items for it and this masala was one among it,also made blue velvet cake for her,ada pradaman,chicken curry with idli and chappathi.Some of the recipes will follow soon.About this masala it was soooo creamy,rich and taste awesome do give a try once.We all loved it very much.

Mushroom Biryani | Biryani Recipe

mushroom biryani

As i have already said Sunday means special menu in our house and yesterday i made this yummy biryani which turned out well.My daughter who is the best critic said ma, its soo tasty.So try this easy biryani and enjoy with kids.

Mixed Vegetable in Spinach sauce | Side dish for Chappati/Roti

vegetable in spinach sauce

As Diwali is nearing all will be busy preparing sweets and snacks for it.I too have many of it check it out.You can see blogsphere  loaded with sweet recipe for it. i just took a change from it to a healthy one.Looking for a healthy ,easy side dish for chapati/roti try this one with spinach.

Soya Chunks /Mealmaker 65 | Vegan Chicken 65

mealmaker 65

Mealmaker 65 with step by step pictures.
Try this vegan chicken 65 and you will fall in love with it when i made it was a super hit among my kids and it is easy to make too.

Omapodi | Festive Recipe | Step by step

Omapodi  | Festive Recipe | Step by step

Omapodi is a savoury snack prepared during Diwali or any festive occasions.Being a blogger i want to try this.My daughter asked it to make Bhel puri so i prepared this for her.My son too loves this omapodi very much.Try this easy savoury snack for Diwali.

Vegetable Soup | Easy Soup Recipe

vegetable soup

Its pouring in chennai since night and its a rain holiday today.Thank God for the rain and it must rain the most to fill all lakes and reservoir .since there was no rain last year serious water problem exist this year so we shall pray for good rain this monsoon.Coming to the recipe last week one evening my daughter asked for it ,i kept pending posting it think today is the right day as its raining.Its so easy to make try it.

Eggless Tutti Fruity Cake | Eggless Bakes

I made this cake last month but couldn't post and was lying in draft ,decided to post today.I always more comfortable with eggless baking i don't know why.With no more excuse we shall move on to the recipe.

Radish Chutney/ Dip | Side Dish for Idli / Dosa

One fine morning i was wandering what to make for dosa and when checked found a white radish and tried this chutney ,believe me it was soo tasty and my kids to love it.

Pumpkin choco chips cake | Recipe with pumpkin

As i could see more pumpkin recipes i want to bake a cake/loaf with it and tried this.I don't want the maida/all purpose flour to dominate so made it with wheat flour.I just added an egg while blending it was soft but as i baked it ,it was not soo soft like what i expected but fine.Next time will add 2 more egg to get the correct texture.If making try to 2-3 eggs for a great super soft one.

Kara Boondhi | Festive Recipes

kara boondi

Does it need any info about his recipe i think no, as all know its an easy ,crunchy ,savoury deep fried balls can be had as like that or mixed in mixture.This can also be mixed in curd/yogurt and had as bhoondi raitha.Try to make this for ur diwali we don't celebrate yet make sweets for kids.

Unniappam | Kerala Dish -Easy method


Unniappam is one of the famous authentic kerala recipe its so easy to make and having kids in home i make daily a new snacks for them as they get bored with the regular one.These appam i made few weeks before  my daughter who is a critic of my food loved it more and ate most of it.I also have another variety of panniyaram using wheat flour check it out here.

Quinoa Lentils rice crepes/Thinnai Adai | Healthy Breakfast | Recipe with thinnai/quinoa

quinoa adai

I try to include almost all cereals in food mostly in breakfast.Kids most like dosai very much so try to make dosai with almost all cereals check recipe index for various dosai variety with many cereals.Adai is nothing but cereals with lentils together and the batter needs no fermentation.

Ragi/ Finger millet and Wheat Flour Loaf Bread | Healthy Loaf | Diabetic Friendly Loaf-Low Glycemic Index

At last i baked a loaf bread.
Yes,i did it.
For a long time i wanted to bake loaf ,but 2 reasons i couldn't do it,one my loaf pan was very big and i had some doubts in baking it.Last week i got a small loaf pan and Preeti from Indian Kitchen cleared my doubts,thanks preeti.I have decided to try many variety loafs

Sweet Potato ( Shakarkand ) Halwa

sweet potato pudding

Potatoes are almost liked by all age group and this sweet potato too do the same.Its easy to just cook it and eat like that with some grated coconut love this way my daughter loves the poriyal i make of it.I have two version of making it check it in recipe index.

Simple Vanilla Ice cream | Without Ice cream maker & Eggless

vanilla ice cream

Looking for a simple ice cream recipe try this easy and yummy vanilla ice cream.Its very very easy to make and my kids keep on insisting me to make this.You can also use this as a base of other ice creams too.

Masala Vadai(Vada) | Lentils Fritters

Some hot vadai with a cup of chai/tea in evening  what a great combo -nothing will beat.My hubby loves all vadai variety but he wants everything to be hot,hot from stove.After marriage i too got used it and even kids following the same.Now to this recipe everyone may have their own version,here is mine.

Masala Stuffed Buns | Step by Step pictures

I love to bake breads and i just a beginner in baking  but love to try new ones.My daughter loves savoury food more and i made this for her.Does its funny to say buns? i made in that shape but after raising it all joined together and i got like this ,i must have kept in a big baking pan, will do next time its all trial & error.Lets go the recipe.

Eggless Ferrero Rocher Tart | Eggless Baking Challenge

For the September month eggless challenge group , Priya Srinivasan of Enveetu kitchen
suggested this tart recipe .The original recipe is from trissalicious,i made slight changes in it.Since i did not have hazelnut i substituted it with almonds which i had.