Sweet Potato ( Shakarkand ) Halwa

sweet potato pudding

Potatoes are almost liked by all age group and this sweet potato too do the same.Its easy to just cook it and eat like that with some grated coconut love this way my daughter loves the poriyal i make of it.I have two version of making it check it in recipe index.

some health benefits of it:

  • High in vitamin B6
  • Good source of vitamin C &D
  • they contain iron and magnesium

Coming to the recipe if u carve to eat some halwa then try this easy type and enjoy it.


  • Sweet potato- 2 cups(boiled &mashed)
  • Sugar-3\4 cup
  • milk-1\2 cup
  • butter-1\3 cup
  • chopped nuts-few


1.Either pressure cook or pan cook the sweet potato with some water till it becomes soft.
 Cool it,peel the skin and smash or grate it.

2.Heat little ghee and fry the nuts.

3.In the same pan heat all the ghee &add  the grated/mashed potato and fry for some minutes(about 6-8 mins).

4.Then add milk and sugar,stir constantly till everything is absorbed and becomes smooth.

5.Garnish with nuts and serve.


1.There are 2 variety of sweet potato ( purple fleshed)one like the above other will be orange fleshed one.the colour of the halwa depends of the potato variety.


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