Deepavali/Diwali Wishes with a Simple Ladoo using Rice Krispies and Oats

Wishing all readers a Happy  and Safe Diwali.May this festival of light bright light,prosperity and health in everyone life.On this special day i share with you an easy and healthy laddu made with oats and Kellogg's rice krispies.

This is how rice krispies look
Little about this rice krispies:

These are gluten free food.
Made with brown rice.
Has antioxidants and nutrients which help to stay healthy


Rice krispies-2 cups + if any needed
Oats- 1 cup(i used Quaker oats)
Light brown sugar-1\2 cup
white sugar-1\2 cup
Sultans/black currant-1\4 cup

How i made:

Dry roast oats till a nice aroma comes,be careful not to burn it well.

Add everything along with the cooled oats and powder it to a fine powder.

Add  little hot water to it and make small lemon sized balls of it.


1.The rice krispies already will be sweeter,add sweet little then add accordingly.

2.You can even add any dry fruits.

3.As it have oats it will be chewy .

4.If u don't have rice krispies substitute it with corn flakes.

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