Vegan Biscotti - Wheat Almond Biscotti

At last i baked a biscotti which is nothing but twice baked cookies originated in Italy.I made it with wheat,oats,almond meal and flax meal.Slicing the first baked one was messy as many pieces broke any way got it.Also mine was little sweet less try to add some more.

Preparation time-15mins,cooking time-30 mins
Makes -15 pieces(depending on length)


  • Wheat flour-1 cup
  • powdered oats-1\2 cup
  • coarsely powdered almond-1\3 cup
  • cocoa powder-4 tsp
  • granulated sugar-1\3 cup
  • cooking oil/canola oil0 1\4 cup
  • baking powder-1 tsp
  • flax seeds powder-2 tsp
  • Warm water-as needed.


1.Sieve wheat flour with cocoa powder and baking powder.Dissolve flax powder in 1\4 cup water.Powder the sugar just for quick mixing.

2.In a mixing bowl add flour mix , oil,powdered sugar,oats flour  and flax-water solution and mix well.Then add in coarsely powdered almond and for a dough if ur not able for a dough add some warm water and make.

3.Cover it in clingfilm and keep in fridge for some time.then take it out and make it in form of a log and bake it for 20mins at 180 deg C in a pre-heated oven.

4.Take it out and cool a bit .cut it diagonally in 2\4 inch thick and bake it again for 10mins.Flip  and bake again.

cool and enjoy with your cup of coffee/tea.


1.Increase the sugar level mine was not sweet.

2.Keep in baking sheet/butter paper and bake mine got little stucked in it.

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  1. looks so perfect... would love to have it with a cup of tea...

  2. crispy biscotti. perfect with chai in the evening. well done Babi..

  3. loving the pics.. Ideal with a cup of tea.. Perfect

  4. wow..well explained vth step by step cliks..nice attempt .

  5. looks so delicious lovely biscotti...

  6. Wow ..Crunchy biscotti ....!!!

  7. Well prepared biscottis.
    Thanks for sharing.

  8. Biscotti looks delicious, am glad you linked them :)


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