Ragi Chocolate Mikshake | Finger millet chocolate milkshake

I always give my kids a drink first when they return from school probably it will be Tang juice sometime i go for fresh juice if stocked in pantry.When searching priya's blog i came across this drink and tried immediately to say the truth my kids love it to core and was a clash for it.Now lets go of to the recipe

Simple Broccoli Stir Fry | Side Dish for Rice

Looking for some easy recipe with broccoli then this is the one.Try this simple stir fry and enjoy the crunches of the the florets with hot steamed rice.Here i have not used coconut you can use it for extra taste.

Potato Kofta | Easy Potato Balls | Snack Recipe

This recipe and photography are totally by my daughter my duty here is just write this post for her.Every Saturday in Vijay TV chef Venkatesh bhatt share easy recipes and this is one such she saw last week ,tried it immediately that evening for snack.Most pictures were shaken only the above one was good.Since she want step by procedure took all snaps and i just made a collage.She made few changes in ingredients too.

My First Event with Giveaways

First i need to say some thing.Its had been more than 2 years since i started to blog without knowing anything about blogging.To say the truth i thought why not i too write about recipe after seeing Yummy Tummy aarthi's blog ,yes her blog only made be to come into this blogging world.Even  now i use use think how silly i was used to ask many people the basic of blogging.But now i can't saw i know everything about blogging still a lot to learn,yes learning is a big ocean one can never say i have learnt everything.

Spiced Sweet Potato Muffins | Easy Breakfast Recipe

sweet potato spiced muffins

Sweet potato with the spiced blends in to it gives a delicious taste and this was our yesterday snack.Do try this as sweet potato is in season now.

Mutton Fat Curry | Mutton Kuzhuppu curry

Are you amazed like me to see mutton fat curry, me to when i saw it in divya's space i thought what is this mutton fat curry ,how it will be and must try one day when i get this fat.I had some fats pieces extra when i bought mutton for my son's birthday and  i reserved it to make this curry for chapathi one day.It is high fat content so once a while you can eat and cannot be taken regularly.With some slight change i adapted it from here.

Cherry Cake with a hint of Cinnamon | Christmas Bakes

Yesterday was my father's birthday as i as was wandering what to bake stucked with baking a cherry cake.While mixing flour thought why not add a tsp of cinnamon and added.Its was super dopper with the favour of it.Try this and surprise your family.

Multigrain Sprouts Flour Appam | Easy Snack Recipe

I try new snack for my kids when they return home in evening yesterday i was wandering what to do and while checking found a packet of multigrain sprouts flour which i bought a month back.Also i was left with some over ripe bananas.SO i decided to go with appam.Do try this healthy and tasty snack for your kids.

Sweet Buns | Raisins &Tutti Fruitti Bun

When ever i see buns/breads in any blog /web page i just stare it for a long time and wish to bake it as soon as but only certain recipe i try immediately and this is one among it.Although i have confident to play with yeast sometime i over bake it hence the bottom get burnt lightly but  no change in taste or nothing lag behinds after baking.Tasted awesome and vanished quickly.Tried this recipe from here.

Ragi malt | Healthy Porridge with ragi flour

Ragi porridge is a healthy and filling one.Usually in my in-laws house many are diabetic and they often take a bowl of it in morning.Yes ragi is very good food for diabetic people.We can make it sweet or salty.My daughter also love this porridge.Its a quick one to fix lazy morning breakfast.

Jamun Kofta Masala | Easy Side Dish for Roti / Chapathi

Do you have any left over jamun packets and wandering what to do then try this kosta masala.Its super easy and tasty.

Potato Stew/Isthu Recipe (Kerala) | Side Dish for Appam / Idiyappam

Isthu Recipe is nothing but potato stew which is also one of Kerala's recipes.Potatoes are loved by all and with the combination of coconut milk it tastes too good.Best to pair for appam,idiyappam.As this is not spicy kids will love it.

Rice Flour Puttu | Steamed Rice flour cake | Video recipe | Step by step Pictures

rice flour puttu

Puttu is one of the famous kerala breakfast recipe.They mostly have it with green gram  and papad.But i simply love to have it with banana and sugar.It east taste too good with kadalai curry.For non-veg lovers,the previous day fish curry will be awesome.

Dal Palak | Spinach in Lentils (With Moong dal)

We all know the health benefits of greens.We can have them as stir fry,with dal,as kabab,with non-veg,etc.There are so many ways to use it and this is one such method.Here i have use moongdal  you can use what ever dal you prefer.

Ginger Cardamon Tea

ginger cardamon tea

I always love to have chai/tea only in evening.My day begins with either filter coffee or instant coffee but evening only with tea.Mostly i make it plain but sometime with this ginger and cardamon.Hot pakoda/bhaji with a cup of tea Oh,God what a pair,no words that  too in rainy days ..WOW.Let's move to this simple chai recipe

White Chocolate Mousse | No Gelatin or Agar-agar

Happy Children's Day ! My heartful prayers and wishes for all children to have all basic needs with good health.May we too have their innocent thinking in us.On this day I share an easy mousse recipe.I had white chocolate bar sitting in my pantry for while.I actually want to try millet chocolate but didn't so when searching found it mousse recipe and immediately went in action and did it.

Mughali Chicken Curry | Shahi Chicken Recipe

Mughali chicken

After coming to this blogging world I have learnt a lot of new recipes.Every time I wish for a new  recipe to experiment  this blogsphere has in it.When coming to chicken i have learnt a quite a few and this one is one such.Sunday mostly meat in our house I love trying new recipes.Last Sunday tried this very rich chicken for lunch which was awesome.Due to the richness of cashew and poppy seeds it may be called so, its my wild guess.

Strawberry Lemonade

I bought a small box of this beautiful berry last week to try some recipes but after making strawberry milkshake we all eat few and I was left with some of it.I don't want to let it decay to decided to do this lemonade and my daughter took it to school yesterday.Try it from here.

Eggless French Toast -Sweet | Easy BreakFast Recipe

Life has become soo busy now a days for  many people and they opt for quick,easy and healthy breakfast.Bread comes a main role in this case.When you have some bread slices you can quickly fix your breakfast in few minutes.I usually make toast with egg,sugar and milk.When i saw this recipe here with custard powder i immediately tried it.It was tasty ans yummy.

Indus Ladies Kids Lunch Box Ideas - FREE Ebook

Indusladies is a largest online woman community has now comes out with a free down loadable e-book for Kids lunch box ideas.It had more than 100 new recipes which are tried by many food bloggers and a bonus of 30 more recipes.

Strawberry Milk Shake | Easy Drink

I can see this lovely fruit only from  November here in Chennai.I want to try more recipes with this in summer but no way,so i decided to go with milk shake when its available.I'm sure this is not the season to post milk shake but I do.I always give my kids a drink first then snacks once they return for school.So this was their after school drink a day before.

Wheat Flax Seeds Dinner Rolls | Eggless Dinner Rolls

Wheat Flax Seeds Dinner Rolls | Eggless Dinner Rolls

After I started to bake I have tried making Indian pav and it was great success  but I  haven't posted any pav in my blog except a masala stuffed version.Two days before I made this healthy Pav using flax seeds and we relished it with bhaji.Yes pav bhajji in one of the favourite recipe my kids love to have to dinner.

Kuska Biryani | Plain Biryani | Biryani without Vegetables or Meat

Kuska biryani is nothing but a plain biryani without any vegetables or meat.Since yesterday was Sunday mostly non-veg at home I want to try a biryani without any stuff.Long back I remembered this name  "Kuska" so I googled and made this plain biryani yesterday.Onion raitha will be best pair for it.But i made mutton masala for it.

Eggless Butterscotch Cake | Eggless & Butterless

This is the cake which i made for my daughter's birthday,butterscotch cake.Since I have to go for her school to attend parent's seminar and having cold,madras eye i couldn't try new theme cake for her.For her last birthday I made blue velvet cake with frosting but this year it was soo simple.But we had a great dinner at Anjappar restaurant near our area.

Badam Halwa | Rich Almond Indian Sweet

badam halwa

Do I need to say anything about this which is rich,tasty halwa.Badam is a nut which has to be consumed daily.Do practise your children to eat  at least five of it daily.In this way once a while you can have because its loaded with sugar and ghee which will increase your calories so better try to eat plain.Slightly adapted  from here.

Pumpkin Choco Chips Muffins | Halloween Recipe

Today is my daughter's birthday and I have planned to make a butterscotch cake for her.Since my son had Madras eye and in leave me too having cold ,not in mood  to cook or blog.But i don't want my space to be idle so goes with my drafted recipes.Halloween is not much celebrated here in India but i want to try a cup cake with this pumpkin and hence this recipe.

Eggless Cinnamon Rolls | Eggless Baking

cinnamon rolls

I love to bake more than cooking that too working with yeast has become fun and excited now a days.On fine evening I made this for tea time snack,my daughter who is the best critic of my foods finished it off saying ma,its damn good can't stop with a roll.I addition to cinnamon I also added some chocolates in the filling which is purely optional.

Kollu Chutney | Horse gram Chutney | Side Dish for Idli / Dosa

kollu chutney

Hope you all had a great Diwali and wishes that the happiness last longer in your life.After having much sweets lets now move to some healthy and weight reduction recipes.Horse gram /Kollu is consider a good food for it.So here I come with chutney for idli/dosa with it.

Sweet Boondhi | Festive Sweet Recipe

sweet boondhi

Happy Diwali / Deepavali to all my friends,readers and blogging friends.May the light brings more prosperity in all our lives.To celebrate this occasion I share with you all a easy sweet recipe,yes it is Sweet Boondhi.

Garlic Karasev | Savoury Snack Recipe

garlic karasev

Its almost Diwali, festival of lights in India and all will be busy preparing sweets and savouries for it.Another best thing happening monsoon has begun in Chennai and its pouring for past three days.For this raining days best accomplished with chai/coffee is some deep fried snacks.So on Saturday I made this for snack you can even make it in bunch for the festival season.

Mysore Pak | Indian Sweet Recipe

mysore pak

I promised not to post Indian sweet but sorry I couldn't keep the promise as all food bloggers tempt me to try sweets.I have already gained few pounds and if it continuous i may become obese soon.This mysore pak variety uses half oil and half ghee    and hence the porous look.Do give a try it this diwali and enjoy.

Oreo Cupcakes | Eggless & Butterless

oreo cupcakes

I decided not to go with a Indian sweet recipe this time and hence a baked one that too  its kids & adults favourite OREO cookies in it.After started baking i want to try different version in different means and thus this eggless Oreo cupcakes.

Chocolate Sandesh | Indian Sweet Recipe

Actually, I don't have the plan to post a sweet recipe today but I was left with some fresh paneer this morning so quickly decided to make a sweet and hence this post.With not further things lets go to the recipe.

Kaju -Pistachio Rolls | Indian Festive Sweet Recipe

kaju pistachio rolls

Hope everyone will be busy preparing sweets for diwali ,I can see a lot of them in blogsphere which tempt me and carve for it.Me too started to make many sweet recipes & I am worried about my calories but i can't stop eating them.If anyone can suggest how get rid of extra fat.Let move on to this royal dessert,Kaju-Pistachio rolls.

Maida Burfi | Easy Flour Fudge | Festive Sweet Recipe

maida burfi

India is a country which has many festivals,each state celebrated different  festival in different way but one thing remain common ,yes its sweets...Festivals means sweets,whatever religion one may belong to ,sweet is one dish common in all.And for a sweet tooth like me i prepare them when ever i carve for it.Try this easy maida sweet and enjoy your day.

Egg Puffs with Homemade Puff Pastry Sheets | Puff Pastry Sheets Recipe

First i ask sorry for  the fault i did while baking,i over baked it hence burnt at bottom.But the taste was good since I made pastry sheets alongwith the process i don't want to omit this post in blog so i decided to write it here.But in my second batch baking of the same sheets i got it correctly baked where i used sweet stuffing.

Chocolate Phirni | Instant Phirni | Easy Dessert

Phirni is an Indian dessert made with raw/basmathi rice,where the rice is soaked, ground with milk and cooked in milk and water sweetened with sugar.It is served chilled.But here for instant version i have mixed rice flour.I made this for my son's birthday.

How to Cover a Cake with Fondant | Basic Cake Decorating Tips | Step by Step Pictures

As I promised in my Homemade Fondant post that i'll post the cake covered with fondant,this is the one.How is it guys?Let me share with you all how i covered it.

Basic Homemade Fondant From Starch - DIY | Step by Step Pictures

homemade fondant

 September 20th was my son's birthday, for it i want to do a fondant cake with homemade fondant.Last year when i tried a fondant with homemade marshmallow i was not satisfied so this time i want to make rolled fondant.Starting a month before i started purchasing for it made this fondant 2 weeks before the birthday.It was really fun and i enjoyed the whole process with my kids.To try and give your feedback and if your are very creative you can do variety of shapes with this fondant and make your cake attractive.I referred many page and did this.Will share the cake i decorated with it in my coming post.

Rasgulla -Famous Bengali Sweet | Indian Sweet Recipe

If you are a regular reader of my blog you must have known how much i love sweets,yes i always roam for some sweets.Need to see how happy i would be when i make them,no words.This rasgulla is a famous Bengali sweet which is nothing but Indian cottage cheese balls cooked in sugar water.

Banana Bread | Eggless & Butterless

Banana Bread | Eggless & Butterless

Is there any over riped banana stilling in your kitchen counter wandering what to do with it then here is your solution ,try this easy ,yummy bread with it which goes well with a cup of chai/coffee.

Fried Tea Cake | Tea shop fried cake | Easy snack recipe

Fried snack is a best accomplishment with evening tea/coffee nothing can beat it.When i was Young i still remember i always ask my dad for this fried cake in tea shops while travelling.Its so yummy give a try once and I'm sure you will love it.

Paneer Jalfrezi | Side Dish For Roti /Naan | Paneer Recipe

Paneer is one dish which is most liked my by kids and i love to try new recipes with it.While searching found this quick and easy one for roti/naan.Added with vegetables it tastes superb.

Apple chocolate Muffins | Vegan Mufffins | Eggless &Butterless

I had some apple sitting at my fridge fro sometime wandering want to do with it and finally decided to go with a bake ,yes i love to bake more.So here comes an eggless and butterless muffins.First i chopped the pieces then thought it will easily recognised to grated some.

Wheat String Hoppers / Idiyappam | Healthy Breakfast

wheat idiyappam

How was your onam celebration we celebrated well.My daughter made a small flower decoration on our house entrance after we return from our Sunday mass.Although it was sunday and must non-veg in our houses i fully made vegetarian and relished it.To light up the heavy neal from yesterday i share an easy sting hopper recipe with wheat.

Ethakka Tholi Thoran | Raw Nendram Banana Peel Dish | Side Dish for rice

I have no idea that a side dish / kootu can be made with the peel of a nendram banana untill i see it here.So when i bought some banana for sarkari upperi i decided not to waste the peel and made this thoran/kootu.Do give a try when you  this banana

Sarkara Upperi | Jaggery Coated Banana | Onam Sadya Recipe

sarkara upperi
This  is one of the sadya menu in onam meal .This sweet is famous in our home town (nagecoil).When we got here for vacation i use to buy this since i love sweets a lot ;).On seeing many food bloggers post this recipe i too want to try it.So made a small batch yesterday.One main thing you have to keep in mind is ,fry the banana pieces to very crispy,on cooling if it become soggy fry them again before adding to the sugar syrup.Hope this is not bad for my first attempt as we all learn from our faults.

Ragi -Wheat Chocolate Waffles | Eggless Waffles

I was aiming to buy a waffle makers for my kids when i was planning about it swetha of Merry Tummy came with an anniversary giveaway .Do you know the waffle maker was the prize so i decided to give a try in the event and i won it.You can check the round up and event announcement here.