Rava Kesari | Easy Indian Sweet

rava kesari

Rava kesari is one of the easiest sweet recipe which can be prepared in jiffy.I want to start his year post with a sweet but unfortunately couldn't do as i don't have such recipe in my draft.For a long time i want to post this basic kesari recipe but now way at last for our wedding anniversary i made it clicked,so posting now.

Preparation time: 15 mins
Cooking time: under 30 mins
Recipe type: Dessert/sweet
Recipe Cuisine: South Indian
Serves- 5

Author: Babitha


  • Rava/semoline-1 cup
  • sugar-1 cup
  • water-3 cup
  • ghee-1\4 cup
  • Cashew,raisins-1\4 cup
  • orange food colour-1\4 tsp
  • cardamon -2
  • almond flakes-for topping(optional)


1.In a non stick pan,dry roast the rave well with a tsp of ghee(optional) , well and keep it aside.Fry cashew and raisins in a tbsp of ghee and keep ready.

2.Add water to a pan and bring to boil,add crushed cardamon and orange colour to it,bring to boil.

3.Slowly add in the roasted rava and mix well without any lumps,stir continuously till it is cooked well.

4.When the water is fully absorbed and cooked add in the sugar,it will melt and then and then comes together,add ghee  side by side.Add in the fried dry fruits to it and mix.

5.Stir continuously till it forms and mass and does not stick to pan.switch it off and transfer it to  a ghee greased plate and flatten it.Top it with almond flakes,cool and cut it.

Yummy and easy sweet is ready to be served.


1.If u prefer more sweet u can even increase to 1 & 1\2 cup.As we don't prefer more i just added 1 cup.

2.I couldn't take pics of some steps,sorry readers.will update when i make next.


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