Carrot Chutney / Dip | Side Dish for Idli / Dosa | No coconut chutney recipe

carrot chutney

For more than a month i couldn't post for priya's vegan thursday event don't want to miss this time so this simple chutney recipe.

Homemede Curd | How to make plain yogurt at home | Kitchen Basics

homemade yogurt

Yogurt / Curd is one of the mandatory item is lunch menu of Indians and its almost made in every house here.Making this is such an easy one and healthy too with no preservatives.

Grilled Vegetable Sandwich | Easy Sandwich Recipe | Easy Lunch Box Idea

vegetable sandwich

This is my first sandwich recipe i am posting on my blog.I mostly make  only french toast with bread that too for breakfast or snack.On a day i was left with some sandwich bread pieces and was in no mood to make dinner and decided to make sandwich.

How to cut chicken wings for chicken Lollipop | Chicken Lollipop recipe & How to cut it ( with Video)

chicken lollipop

My brother who work in  kitchen department in a big hotel one day brought some wings made lollipop and shared with us.I was amazed and asked how did u do that and asked him to make it for me for the blog.He agreed and he made it for me and i just shoot it.

Eggless Marbled Cake | Marble Cake Recipe | Eggless Baking

eggless marbled cake

I was left with a tin of sweetened condensed milk on my pantry for a long i just want to use it only in baking.After planning many days i decided to go with this marbled eggless cake.

Lauki ( BottleGourd ) kofta curry | Side dish for Indian Flat Bread / Roti | North Indian Dish

After blogging i have started to try many new recipes and i just love making it,my daughter love eating it .This  kofta can be eaten just like tea/coffee time snack else dunked in gravy and can be served as side dish.Got this recipe here and made slight changes.

Fish Curry with Coconut milk | Fish Curry Recipe

fish curry with coconut milk

Sea food is a must in our daily meal.We eat them in curries,fries ,preserves,etc.My mother and in my in-laws side they mostly prepare curry with grinding coconut.But i prefer plain curry without coconut and sometimes prepare this way.

Chappathi /Indian Flat Bread Noodles | Easy Leftover Recipe

chapathi noodles

Have you let with some chappathi left out after dinner.Just make this noodles and i'am sure kids will love it.Try this easy way of making use of the left over chappathi.

Kadai Chicken | Step by Step of making Kadai Chicken Recipe

kadai chicken

Kadai Chicken is a variety in which chiccken is cooked along with capsicum and cooked in thick bottemed wok / Kadai.When we usually go to restaurant mostly we order this chicken.Making it in home is very easy.

Mysore Rasam | Mysore Lentils Soup | Rasam Recipe

mysore rasam

Mysore Rasam is also know as  Mysore Charu, Togari Bele Saaru, Mysore Sathamudhu, Mysore Lentil Soup, Mysore Tamarind Curry.One afternoon I was watching puthuyugam tamil channel,they were showing "Konjam sooru konjam varalaroo".Each day they telecast different cities history with their food speciality.One day they telecasted about the Mysore city and about this rasam.I decided to try it and made.It was really super with hot steamed rice.

My Daughter's Bake -Chocolate Cake For All Lovable People | Valentine Day Recipe

Last week my daughter had one day holiday,she was so bored with no  activities asked me whether she bake a cake and will take it to her friends,i said ok.I just gave instruction she did and asked me to post it in my blog for valentine's day.It very easy,even children can do.Try it

Oats Kara Paniyaram | Oat spicy balls | Healthy snack recipe

This is a recipe which i send for EzcookBook 's  Cook and Win contest.I made this for one evening after school snack,left with some dough mixed more oats and made Adai/Oats-Lentils crepes for dinner.

Maasi Thogayal | Massi Sambal/Chambal | Dried Maldive Fish Recipe

Maasi chambal

Last two day was such a boring and felt isolated as my broadband did not connect and so didn't blog ,see all blog post.Miss it soo much.Have clicked many recipes will post one by one.Today recipe is such a easy simple thogayal can be had with aapam,idiyappam or even rice.

Arachivitta Sambar | Sambar with Freshly Ground Masala

Sambar with freshly ground masala,no words to say ,it was such tasty and yummy .Try this easy sambar variety and enjoy with  family.

Meat Stuffed Paratha / Keema Flatbread | Easy Dinner Recipe

 Stuffed paratha is one of the easiest dinner recipe as it need no side dish  can be had with pickle,curd/yogurt.Here for the stuffing i have used meat,you can use chicken or beef.

Koulouri/ Greek Politiko Simiti | Eggless Baking Challenge

I couldn't do the December month eggless challenge and i don't want to skip the January one.I made this yummy street food of Greece yesterday for tea time snack and we enjoyed it.This bread recipe was suggested by priya of priya's versatile recipe and thank priya for choosing it.Mostly it include egg,but for eggless  version i replaced egg with  curd/yogurt.