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eggless marbled cake

I was left with a tin of sweetened condensed milk on my pantry for a long i just want to use it only in baking.After planning many days i decided to go with this marbled eggless cake.

Preparation time: 15 mins
Baking time: 40-45 mins
Yield: a small loaf


  • Maida-2 cup
  • Sweetened condensed milk-1 tin(400gms)
  • Baking powder-1 tsp
  • baking soda-1\4 tsp
  • cocoa powder-3 tsp
  • Melted butter/oil-1\2 cup( i used oil)
  • Vanilla essence-1 tsp
  • hot water-2 tbsp
  • Milk-1\3 to 1\2 cup


1.Sieve flour with baking powder and baking soda.Grease the baking pan.

2.In a mixing bowl add condensed milk,oil  mix well ( it may not get dissolve but no problem).then add in flour mix and mix well.Add milk if its difficult to mix to get the correct dropping consistency.Last add essence and mix.

3.Add cocoa powder in 2 tbsp if hot water and make a paste.Add 1\3 of the batter to the cocoa mix and leave other part plain.

4.To the greased baking drop vanilla cake batter and cocoa batter side by side.Last with a knife make some swirl pattern on top.

5.Bake the loaf pan in a pre heated oven at 180 deg C for 35-40 mins or till done.

6.Cool it on wire rack and demould it.Slice and serve.

Wanna  a slice


1.Baking time may vary from oven to oven.

2.If you want deeper chocolate colour add in more cocoa powder.

3.I did not add any sugar,and make cake was little sugar less.I think u can add 1\4 cup.But is ok for elders.

4.Can u any pan for baking.


  1. You have got nice pattern!
    I have recently added tutorial to bake cakes without having big cracks on the top!
    Please visit and share your experience.

  2. perfectly made cake ...first time here ..happy to follow u ..glad if u follow me back...

  3. Yummy! cake looks soft and yumm...

  4. Beautiful looking marble cake...the design looks so great dear :) yumm !!


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