Grilled Vegetable Sandwich | Easy Sandwich Recipe | Easy Lunch Box Idea

vegetable sandwich

This is my first sandwich recipe i am posting on my blog.I mostly make  only french toast with bread that too for breakfast or snack.On a day i was left with some sandwich bread pieces and was in no mood to make dinner and decided to make sandwich.

Preparation time: under 10 mins


  • Sandwich bread pieces-6 or as needed
  • Carrot grated-1 big
  • Capsicum,finely chopped-1
  • small tomato,sliced-2
  • Cheese,grated-1 r 2  cubes( i used ordinary amul cheese)
  • Butter/ghee-to spread
  • Tomato /chilly sauce


Grate ,cut and keep everything ready.Take a bread slice spread butter/ghee add some grated carrot,capsicum sliced tomato and top it with some grated cheese.In another slice spread some tomato/chilly sauce and place over that slice.Do the same for some slice.Toast it in  bread toaster.

Serve warm or pack for lunch box.

If you don't have electric bread toaster toast it on  tawa on gas top.


1.You can use veggies of ur choice.

2.Can use cheese slice or Cheddar cheese,its ur choice.

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  1. Healthy sandwich . Perfect lunch box recipe

  2. Healthy and tasty sandwich !!

  3. I have tried this once long back.Easy and healthy would love it.

  4. Yummy and healthy sandwich dear ...Love it :)

  5. easy and healthy sandwich...... happy to follow u . also view my space

  6. Perfect sandwich recipe for the lunch box !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Brilliant !!!!!!!
    very good & so tasty !!!! AaaaaHhhhhhAaaaaaaHhhhhhhh
    So Quick & So Fast
    Thank You Babi 's Recipies

  7. Perfect Recipe for the Easy Lunch Box idea !!!
    Brilliant !!!!!!!
    Very Good !!!!
    So Quick & So Fast
    Thank You Babi 's Recipies !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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