Amchur Powder / Dried Mango Powder | How to make mango powder at Home | DIY

dried mango powder

Today's recipe is an easy one when mangoes are season do make this and keep.It's such a keeper  which can be used in all north Indian gravies.Adding this ingredient gives your curry a tangy taste.

Custard Ice Cream Recipe ( Without Ice cream maker) | Summer Special

One day i said my son i will make ice cream for him as he is in his summer holiday .From that day he went keep on asking for it so two days before i decided to make for him.Its very easy sure kids will  love it and i an glad this happens to be my 400th post.

White Stew for Aapam ( Kerala Style)

white stew

As i have said earlier i love kerala foods very much may be due to reason I was brought by near that state and this white stew is one of their dish which goes well with aapam,idiyappam.Lets see how to make this easy stew.

Kai (Suthu) Murukku | How to make suthu murukku ( with a small video)

Kai (Suthu) Murukku | How to make suthu murukku ( with a small video)

For a long i want to try my hands on making this murukku i wander how fast people swirl for it.One day i made batter for it but i couldn't get the swirl correctly.Two weeks before again i tried i was almost ok.But i guess with experience we can make it perfectly.I got the recipe from here made slight change.

Foxtail Millet / Thinnai Ribbon Pakoda | Healthy Snack

After baking bread with the foxtail millet flour i want to do some snack items with it.As kids are at home i go with this deep fried ribbon pakoda snack.Try this healthy snack.

Stuffed Brinjal / Egg plant | Bharli Vangi | Eggplant Recipe

My daughter  insisted  to buy more brinjal when went to buy veggies last time.On returning she took a brinjal stuffed dry powdered microwaved and eat it.She asked me to make this yummy stuffed brinjals.I made it for her and it was sooo tasty.

Banana Milk shake | Sharjah Milk Shake | Summer Recipe

sharjah milk shake

Sharjah Shake is nothing but banana milk shake found in kerala.As the temperature is raising its becoming difficult to be in kitchen to cook.Something quick and easy is my choice during these days ,this milk shake is one like that.If you have some over riped banana then try this for a change.


thinnai bread

For a long time i want to make bread but it should be healthier so decided to go with foxtail millet /thinnai flour bread.we had this healthy bread for breakfast as french toast.I am yet to bake my white bread.

Vazhakkai / Raw Banana Bonda | Easy Savoury Recipe

One of my uncle who is in mumbai was insisting me to try this bonda recipe.One fine evening i tried this for snack  to munch with tea which is super combo.Try this.

Dum Aloo | Side Dish for Roti / Naan ( Indian Flat Breads)

Potatoes are liked by almost all age group, i guess same here too we all love it.When i was making this baby potato recipe my daughter was soo hungry i suggested her eat any snack but she replied i can wait any long to eat this because its potato.With nothing more lets go off to the recipe.

Zucchini Chutney ( Thogayal ) | Zucchini Recipes

zucchini chutney

Zucchini is a vegetable/fruit which i recently got up with it.I want to bake a bread with it but after deciding much i thought to first go with an Indian recipe.Soon will try bread and let know.

Basundi | Easy Indian Dessert | Festive Recipe


Basundi is an easy Indian dessert made by thickening the milk .This is somewhat similar to rabdi dessert.

Instant Sambar | 10 minutes/ No Dal Sambar | Side dish for Idli / Dosai

no dal sambar/ instant sambar

If you are looking for an easy ,quick and instant sambar then try this which is a super easy which can be made in jiffy.I saw this on a TV program tried it for pongal it was yummy.

Foxtail Millet / Thinnai Urundai /Balls | Millet Recipes

Millet's are very nutritious, healthy and loaded with nutrients so try to include millets  in your daily foods.I a have a query whats is the tamil name for quinao,in some it say as thinnai/ foxtail millet.If any one knows pls mention it as we all will know.During my last grocery shopping i bought  pack of thinnai flour.In the pack adhirasam recipe was given ,but googled and ended up with this sweet balls.I also made a savory chakli with it will post later.

Palak Paneer | Paneer (Indian Cottage cheese ) in Spinach Sauce | Side dish for Roti /Indian Flat Bread

Palak Paneer

Palak Paneer is one of the famous north Indian side dish for roti.After coming in to this blogging world i have started to eat this palak .With no more further details lets go off to the recipe.

Cinnamon Swirl Brioche - Eggless | Eggless Baking Challenge

For February month gayathiri suggested to make this cinnamon swirl brioche which is a french bread loaded with eggs.For egg replacement i used curd/plain yogurt.For breakfast we made french toast with it,its was really yummy with the added cinnamon punch.

Homemade Paneer ( Indian Cottage Cheese ) | Kitchen Basics

homemade paneer

 Paneer ( Indian cottage cheese) is very easy to make at home and worth making it.For curdling the milk you can use either lemon juice,citric acid salt,vinegar or curd each has their own taste.Lets see how to make it.

Maida Murukku (Chakli ) | Instant Murukku recipe

Maida Murukku (Chakli )   | Instant Murukku recipe

Having kids at home i always wander what to make for them in the evening when they return from school.My daughter prefer savoury items and son is a picky eater.For one such evening i made this instant murukku.