Foxtail Millet / Thinnai Urundai /Balls | Millet Recipes

Millet's are very nutritious, healthy and loaded with nutrients so try to include millets  in your daily foods.I a have a query whats is the tamil name for quinao,in some it say as thinnai/ foxtail millet.If any one knows pls mention it as we all will know.During my last grocery shopping i bought  pack of thinnai flour.In the pack adhirasam recipe was given ,but googled and ended up with this sweet balls.I also made a savory chakli with it will post later.

Preparation time: under 10 mins
cooking time: under 10 mins
yields: 12-15 balls


Thinnai/Foxtail millet flour- 1 cup
Granulated sugar- 1\3 cup
Ghee-2 to 3 tbsp


1.Dry roast the millet flour well.This very important else u will get the raw flavour also take care not to burn it.when nice aroma comes switch off.

2.Powder the granulated sugar and add to it.Add the ghee also.

3.Mix well and take a small portion ,make lemon sized balls of it.Do the same for all flour.


1.You can add nuts also.

2.Can replace sugar with jaggery.Can also make jaggery syrup with 1 string consistency add the roasted flour to it mix well.Then can make balls.


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