Foxtail millet ( Thinnai) chocolate | Millet Recipe

As i have said earlier i love to watch DD- podhigai channel cookery show in which they telecast very good recipes and this is  one such, i tried it immediately as I had some chocolate slab .such an easy recipes that even kids will do.

Preparation time: nill
cooking time: 15 mins
Setting time: 1\2 to 1 hr
recipe source- TV show


  • Chocolate slab\chocolate bar\cooking chocolate
  • Foxtail millet
  • Nuts-as needed
  • Butter


1.Dry roast the foxtail millet flour well.

2.Melt the chocolate either my double boiling or microwave.I melted by double boiling.

3.Then add in butter,roasted flour,nuts and mix well.

4.Grease the chocolate mould with butter and pour a tsp of the batter and set it in fridge for some time.

Demould it and treat your kids with this healthy chocolate.

P.S.I have not mentioned the amount for each use as per ur liking.Add in more chocolate,let it dominate.

If you don't have mould just make balls on plate and set.


  1. Wow! Home made chocolates :) love it.. looks like store one.

  2. Healthy chocs.pass nesome!

  3. Great to add some millets to chocolates ,kids will love for sure .

  4. Delicious chocolates..Home made is always better !!

  5. Wow yummmy chocolates :) Visit my space whenever

  6. Chocolate with millet..Sounds intersting dear....Looks so yummy...

  7. They look completely delecious, thanks for sharing :)


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