100 % Whole Wheat Bread | Bread Recipe

At last i made it yes for a long time i want to bake a bread at home and this week it came true.Baking bread at home is really fun and i enjoyed it to the core .Let go off to the recipe.

Barnyard Millet / Kuthiravaali curd rice | Millet Recipes

I hope many like curd rice mainly kids love it.I like to have a small amount of it after heavy lunch.Making it is easy and so thought not to blog for a long.Lastly decided to try crud rice with millet there is no difference in taste.Try this healthy version of curd rice.

Nutella Banana Milkshake | Nutella recipe

Its difficult to make my kids eat banana i force them to eat but in vain.I tried to mix it with nutella and give them i am sure no kids will say no it.Try this easy and yummy drink.

Paneer Tikka | Tandoori Paneer (Indian cottage cheese) Tikka using oven

This is the first grilled recipe i"m posting in my blog also the first one i am making after i brought my OTG . My daughter loved it very much,its very easy to make try once.

Cucumber Pachadi | cucumber yogurt based gravy

As the temperature is raising i get irritated to stay in kitchen and work long so decided to go on with quick and easy recipe.this pachadi is one such easy one.

Palada Pradhaman | Payasam /Kheer recipe

Today recipe is an easy payasam variety which takes a vital role in onam sadya / Vishu menu.I made this last month on Tamil New year day.I made it with homemade rice ada. Its was tasty.

Eggless Chocolate Ice Cream | Ice cream recipe without Ice cream Maker

Two days my broadband was in problem so couldn't post anything now its fine.Summer is at its peak always want to chill out something cool.Kids asked to make this ice cream,made it they loved it.Its very easy try it.

Aloo Palak | Potatoes in Spinach sauce | Side dish for Roti/naan

After experimenting with palak i want to make many dish with it and this is one among it.Few thing that i have made with it are,palak puri,vegetable palak and palak paneer.In near future i hope to i try many with it.

Seven cup Burfi | Indian Festive Sweet Recipe | Mother day special

Seven cup burfi

Today is Mother's day ! Wishes to all lovely mothers globally to be frank its really best to be a mother.On this wonderful day i like to share a an easy sweet recipe which is this seven cup burfi/fudge.Since a total of seven cups are used hence the name.It easy for beginners too as just adding everything mixing and when comes together pouring and setting.

Soya Chunks curry /Meal maker curry

meal maker  curry

We all love meal maker/ soya chunks curry /masala,fry,etc.I make them quite often.Mostly i make them without coconut for the facebook event of divya's i tried her version with coconut.

Panchratna Dal | Rajasthani Dal Recipe

Pancharantna dal is nothing but five dals cooked together which is one of the favourite Rajasthani recipe.Pancha means five .The five lentils used are

Rose Milk Popsicles | Popsicle Recipe

This is my first Popsicle recipe i post in my blog I have made many but did not post.As kids are in vacation mainly my son keep on asking me to do pink ice for him so I decided made and clicked,they finished it in a day.

Eggless Italian Rose Cake | Torta Delle Rose Del Garda

For the April month eggless baking group challenge gayathiri suggested to bake this Italian Rose cake.I thought to skip the challenge as the link she provided has many stages involved then after seeing Rafs post i to decided to google up to make this challenge i referred two sites and ended mixing both.

Rice and Urad Dal Kali | Healthy and our Traditional Recipe

 This recipe is one of our community traditional recipe which they use to make and give it for girls when they attain puberty.We some also make this as breakfast my father's mom (granny)use to eat it with a raw egg splashed over it when it is hot.the egg will get cooked by the heat.Its very healthy too.Try this at least once.

Mango Pudding | Mango Recipe

Mangoes are in season and i want to try different recipes with it.I had few Alphonso mangoes left behind kids want something chilled so made this pudding which i saw here with slight changes.