Homemade Gulkand / Rose Petal preserve | DIY

Gulkand  is nothing but  rose petal jam with many ayurvedic properties.While googling i found its very easy to make at home.Tried it and sharing .

some benefits of it are:

• Gulkand is a powerful antioxidant and a very good rejuvenator.
• Consuming 1 – 2 teaspoons of gulkand helps to reduce acidity and stomach heat. It also helps in treating ulcers and prevents swelling in the intestine.
• Gulkand helps to treat mouth ulcers, strengthens teeth and gums.
• It can be used to treat dysmenorrhoea and is effective in relieving menstrual pain. It is also helpful in treating excessive white discharge problem.
• A very good digestive tonic – helps to improve appetite, improves digestion and corrects digestive problems.
• Gulkand helps to remove toxins from the body and purifies blood. Thus, it helps in giving a clear complexion and prevents the occurrence of various skin problems like acne, boils, whiteheads etc.
• Helps to reduce excessive perspiration and foul body odour.
(source wikipedia)

  • Rose petals- 1 cup
  • sugar-1 cup
  • Rose essence-1 tsp


1.Take equal amount of sugar and rose petals,if possible weigh and keep.Wash the petals wells ,drain and spread on cloth to dry over night to dry well.

2.Take a clean sterilised bottle add a layer of dried petals a layer of sugar.Do this to finish off all sugar and petals.

3.Close the bottle and keep in sunlight.In evening mix with clean spoon.Next day again keep in sunlight.Repeat the same for 8-10 days till sugar melts and becomes nice brown color.Add in essence and mix.

As  wine ,this gulkand becomes more flavourful as it ages.

planning to make ice creams,sweets and desserts with it.will post as i do it.


1.Use dry spoon for mixing.You can event pulse the petals and make this jam.

2.Keep the bottle closed in sunlight.

3.You can add some honey also to increase its effect.

4.Can add a cardamon for more cooling effect.

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